Strange Place: Was the “Eye of The Earth” Created by Extraterrestrials?

Imagine being in space and looking down at Earth.

the richat structure

Looking at the Richat Structure from space

That image is simply amazing, but now imagine seeing an eye on the surface of the Earth that is looking back at you.

This is what Astronauts see when they are looking down from space at the Richat Structure, an amazing add to the strange place collection.

The Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature  in the middle of the Sahara Desert of West-Central Mauritania. It is deeply eroded, and stretches 40 km in diameter.

Scientists originally thought it was a crater formed by a meteorite, but this was ruled out. The flat middle and lack of shock altered rock made it obvious to scientists that a rock from space did not form this structure.

Its perfectly circular shape is still a mystery today.

Advocates of the EU model claim that:

” craters like the Richat were not formed by impacts but were “machined” by electric discharges, Birkeland currents that rotate around a “sticking” point and excavate material by electrically accelerating it upwards without disturbing the surrounding or underlying strata, unless the whole area is raised in a fulgamite blister–hence Rampart Craters. Specific effects will depend on a wide variety of soil conditions including chemical composition, material type, density, moisture, and conductivity.  Discharge factors, including diameter, voltage, current, and duration will also affect the crater configuration.”

 All of these claims  sound nice and fancy, but what if it was all false?

What if this was the work of some being from a different planet?

Some alien believers have come to the conclusion that this “dome” was created by extraterrestrials as a target  for when they want to attack or land on Earth.

There is a theory that this “bulls-eye” was lasered into the Earth by aliens from another strange place.

The richat structure strange place

The Richat Structure resembles an eye

Astronauts have made it clear that it is the most visible part of Earths surface from space, and it has the most perfectly circular shape out of any landmass on Earth.

Sounds like a pretty nice target to me.

So since there are no definite facts about the creation of the Richat Structure, why not take all theories into consideration?

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16 Responses to Strange Place: Was the “Eye of The Earth” Created by Extraterrestrials?

  1. Tom Burriss says:

    No… But the earth with the Firmament resembles the Eye

  2. It’s an atomic explosion, most likely the finishing touches by the crazy God of the Jews on Sodom. From what I read from Billy Meier, s & g was partly destroyed by a meteor but finished off by an exterestrial who was the Jews God from the bible. He was an evil man.

    Just a guess but definitely looks like an atomic explosion.

  3. andreas says:

    it is the point where water was poured on the surface of the earth at the time of the earth creation .
    in fact all deserts on planet earth are the points of emptying water on earth.
    it is the mentioned in Quran the great and many muslims know this.

  4. It looks like the entrance to the inner earth to me 🙂

  5. Interesting! Something with that size and near spherical perfection simply can’t be natural…

  6. Wow. Great pic. Awesome, no matter how it was formed.
    I quite like the idea about the aliens. And that goes for many other structures on earth aswell. Easter Island for instance. But if this is a target, why the Sahara Desert… surely more inhabited places would be better. Unless this is for infiltrating the middle of the earth and blowing us all skyward instead.. 😉 just a thought.

  7. aarmagh says:

    If ET’s are responsible for it’s creation, why would they need a “bulls eye”? The sophistication of their technology indicates that wouldn’t be necessary. Why be an ET hater anyway? who are the” believers” that believe they wish to do us harm? Pretty cool though,I’d never heard of this structure before.

  8. breakinbadd says:

    yea I agree,
    but there are no facts about how it was created.
    Scientists have multiple theories, but even they dont know for sure where it came from.
    Just keeping the mind open to all theories.

  9. TheTaoOfD says:

    def was just natural. mad interesting though.

    • premierskrinage says:

      Oh you silly pagans this is obviously the Lord’s work and you are all blasphemers forever believing that something of this nature could be created by anyone or anything for that matter, other than the Lord our savor. Instead of posting radically idiotic fantasies, such as aliens planting a “bull-eyes” for when it comes time for them to unleashes their death ray unto earth eradicating all of mankind as we know it, we should be more concerned for what this “eye of earth” really is: The Eye of Providence! Yes, the Eye of Providence, or more commonly known to you two-times-a-year church goers, the All-Seeing Eye of God! The holy Trinity is now on earth, which can mean one and one thing only, the rapture is comin’ baby. About time the Lord has given another sign, he has been so quiet since the good ol’ days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Coincidence that this “eye of earth” happens to be located in Africa just like Sodom and Gomorrah were located in Western Asia or aka Not America! There is going to be an attack but we could only wish it were aliens, instead we got the Almighty coming down on those heathens bring his friends fire and brimstone with him. Maybe then you people will finally understand why we need to stop terrorism. Amen

      • breakinbadd says:

        Enjoy the wait for god premiereskrinage..let me know how his beard looks.
        You might be waitin real long so get comfortable.
        Maybe you should waste your time reading that novel called the bible.

      • aarmagh says:

        WHAT?!! Brother/Sister, step away from the holy water. It sounds as though you may frequent a church more than twice a year, for only a true believer could refer to fairy tales like Sodom and Gomorrah as the good old days and somehow connect that to terrorism. Brilliant! But hey, even people who believe in ritualistic cannibalism every Sunday are entitled to interpret a hole in the ground any way they want. But the pagan in me would rather believe that if this is anything other than a natural phenomena, it could be proof that we are not alone out here. After all, if true, ET’s are also children of god, if there is a supernatural being that goes by that moniker. I’ve been enraptured by your post. Hallelujah!!

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