Using the Internet to Turn Downtime into Dollars

If you know where to look, the internet is a literal gold mine of money making opportunities.

Lots of Money to be Made on The Internet

Let me start by saying that the get rich quick on the Internet scheme DOES NOT EXIST.

The internet offers countless ways to make money, but there is no single method that will make you rich. Making money online requires time and dedication just like any other way of making money, but if you are willing to put the time in there are ways to earn a decent amount of money.

One way to make money online is through legitimate “get paid to” sites, which pay users to complete surveys and offers from various companies.

Most people think these sites are bullshit, which is 80% true, but there are actually legit sites where you can get paid to take surveys.

The site that I use is

What I liked about this site when I first saw it is that its forum has a payment wall that displays hundreds of real checks from real people. Seeing actual people holding a check from this site made me comfortable enough to give it a try, so I made an account.

Cashcrate has 5 ways to earn money:

1.Completing Offers

2.Doing Surveys

3.Watching Videos


5.Referral System

Completing offers basically consists of getting paid to sign up for spam.

You usually get paid anywhere between 10 cents and a dollar for every offer you complete, and although it doesn’t sound like much, they only take a couple minutes at most to complete. If you were really dedicated you could complete between 10 and 15 offers an hour.

Completing surveys is another way to earn money on Cashcrate.

Payment for surveys range between 70 and 80 cents with each user able to complete 7 surveys every 24 hours.

In theory, completing 7 surveys a day would equal 210 surveys a month; and at 75 cents a survey, you can earn $157.50 a month just from surveys alone.

The video section of Cashcrate is essentially getting paid to watch commercials.

Users fill out a survey based on their interests, and are then sent between 3 and 5 videos a day. Each video only pays between 2 and 4 cents, but they add up throughout the month. Besides, you watch commercials every day, why not get paid for your time?

Join The Internet Money Making Revolution!

If you do a lot of online shopping, then you can make a decent amount of money through the shopping section of Cashcrate.

If you buy a lot of stuff from iTunes, you can earn up to 4% cash back on your purchases if you have a Cashcrate account. You can also earn 3% back at from places like Wal-Mart, Pet smart, Footlocker and Champs. It’s like having all the benefits of a cash back credit card without any of the responsibilities of worrying about credit.

Last but not least, the final way to make money on Cashcrate is through the referral system.

If you are willing to put in the hours marketing Cashcrate, the referral system can potentially earn you hundreds of dollars a month.

How the system works is that you get 20% of what anyone you refer makes, plus 10% of any referrals that the original person you referred gets.

Say you get 10 referrals who each make 20 dollars a month, and they in turn refer 10 more people each who also make 20 dollars a month.

This situation would earn you 40 dollars off of your original referrals and 200 dollars off of your secondary referrals.

Essentially, the system is like a giant pyramid scheme that actually works.

The best part is that you “ level up” every time you hit a certain number of milestones, which increase the percentage of what you earn from your referrals.

Between the 5 different ways to make money, it is possible to earn hundreds of dollars a month using

What I like most about is that it promotes working together with your fellow man to earn money instead of competing with him.

Although corporate America may provide a higher salary, much of our anxiety in life comes from concerns about our jobs. Sites like promote positive interaction with our fellow human beings and reward us by paying more money for the more people you get to use their site.

There are over 300 million people in America: just imagine how much money could be made if each person referred 1,000 people, who then each referred 1,000 more people?

Sites like are only one of many different ways to make money online, but it is a good place to start for those who are new to the concept of developing an alternative income.

By putting in a couple hours of work a day you can soon be earning 2 or 3 hundred dollars a month, with the potential to earn much, much more.


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