The Truth Frequency

Hopefully we all tune in one day.

By all, I mean the human race as a whole.

Every single one of us tuned into the same frequency, the frequency of truth.

The Universal Frequency of Truth

This is not a frequency of boundaries, it is a frequency of unlimited possibilities.

The universe as we know it is too gigantic to comprehend.

When we truly realize this concept we can begin to tune into the frequency of the universe.

This is not an easy and quick frequency to tap into.

It is a life long process of becoming enlightened to the inner working of this massive universal system.

It takes time to realize different aspects in your life that you can’t really explain. It comes with continued understanding and awareness of everything around you free of all the negative programming our society has been conditioned with.

Once tapped into you can really experience the joy and bliss of an enlightened life.

You realize that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about and everything negative you believe in life has all stemmed from negative programming inside of your own mind.

There is nothing to fear.

Fear is a made up term and only exists in your mind if you allow it to.

When you fear nothing, especially the crazy thoughts and possibilities of life itself, you can begin to understand that there will always be unanswered questions.

Without unanswered questions, the frequency wouldn’t exist because there are unlimited possibilities.

There are unlimited possibilities and no true answer but there is an understanding of purpose. The purpose being that we need to come to more understanding with each other. We need to enlighten each other and work toward a universal  consciousness of understanding and peace. We need to realize we are all part of the system as a single whole. A single whole experiencing unique temporary lives as physical beings with different biological filters.

We all live our own unique lives through a higher conscious power.

We all have the same biological makeup yet our minds can take us in extremely radical directions. If we become a slave to our mind we can end up in a massive rut of negativity.

Look at what some of our fellow human beings are doing on different parts of the globe.

People are willing to blow themselves up and kill other human beings in the process all to achieve some false reality set forth upon them by a false radical religious belief.

The power of belief can be extremely powerful, in fact it might have more power than any physical power we possess.

When we believe in something so strongly, we cant help but take our lives in that direction constantly.

We all believe in something different and these beliefs may or may not take us down a good road.

For these radical terrorists, the road they got down was full of false promises. They got stuck, fell slave to their minds, and actually became willing to take their own lives to achieve their belief.

It is amazing how far we can go when we truly believe something.

If some are willing to die for a religious belief, I believe the rest should be willing to die for the truth.

The truth is the only thing that is ever going to be.

There is only one truth.

Their are millions of false prophecies and beliefs but there remains only a single universal truth.

A universal understanding of each other and each others differences.

We are all different, yet all the same at the same time.

Be Willing to Die For The Truth.

A hard concept to grasp if you haven’t been exposed to a lot of these concepts.

We are all made of the same biological material, all need the same resources to survive, and all use the earth to achieve these needs. We are part of the earth just as the earth is part of the universe.

The understanding of this makes oneness the truth.

A complete gigantic massive puzzle that no one can figure out yet it is all just one thing.

One giant system designed to give us whatever experiences we want to have in life.

We are open to choosing what to believe.

That is what separates us from every other animal on this planet.

We have the conscious ability to believe whatever we want to believe.

Everything else simply functions on survival instinct.

There are no monkey’s building castles and no dolphins communicating on cellphones underwater.

They cant choose to alter their environment and develop technology the way we can. We have been given the ability to create basically anything we can imagine. When you realize that imagination has no boundaries and it has unlimited possibilities you can see that we are able to tune into the frequency of truth in the universe.

Nothing else on this planet has the brain capacity to comprehend the idea of infinity and imagine different possibilities and examine reality the way we can.

We have this massive capability to reason with reality that separates us from everything else yet we are once again all still part of the same single system.

We all serve a certain role on this planet and we all are consuming the planet to survive.

We all strive to survive but we go beyond just survival.

Survival can be very basic for some of us, and some of us probably still take that for granted.

We don’t even think about having to try to survive as much as we have to think about how much we hate our jobs.

It is kind of second nature to a lot of us fortunate beings.

What I find strange is that our main goal isn’t to solve that issue.

It isn’t to solve the issue that we are all not able to survive equally on this earth.

Instead, we like to concern ourselves with issues that simply don’t matter as much.

We are concerned about stupid things that don’t really matter for our race as a whole.

Some of us pay more attention to the lives of celebrities than their own lives.

We all want that fame and fortune because that is what our ego wants.

Our ego keeps us moving towards power.

If you are able to separate your culturally conditioned ego, you can understand there is more important things in this life to be concerned about.

We should all be concerned about what is not being done than what is actually being done.

We have gone in such a bad direction as a species that many of us will never truly realize how bad of shape we have put ourselves in. Truly knowing what is going on is going to be a disaster of realization but with continued effort it can lead to understanding and acceptance.

We have to accept what we have created and move toward fixing it. Fixing it takes time, and time that will span over generations.

Next Stop: The Truth.

If we all choose to infect each other with truth frequency we can maybe start moving this thing in the right direction.

I think we all realized we have made mistakes but as we keep evolving those mistakes will occur less often.

History repeats itself but it doesn’t have to.

It doesn’t have to be the way it has always been.

Change is occurring everywhere.

More and more people are beginning to tune in, even some politicians like Ron Paul are spreading the truth.

It is becoming more mainstream.

Start taking some strides to tune in and really become one with everything and enjoy the opportunity of life we have in front of us.

Stay zen. 🙂


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12 Responses to The Truth Frequency

  1. Jabrico says:

    There are a lot of thoughts that come to mind as I contemplate your words, but in every ideal you mentioned I kept see my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ giving Himself to a world that can’t accept the Truth. I am on a journey right now trying to understand how to connect with everyone through the bond that we were created with, which is like mentioned above, Truth. The bible says, paraphrased, that all things were created by Him and there was nothing made that is made except it was made by Him. Truth created all things and in all things dwell Truth in order for it to exist.

    • Madeleine says:

      Jabrico go a little deeper in the meaning of all things created, remove the HIM because you making god an object and imagine all souls come from god, god is the universal energy that connects all souls…we call it love.
      If we come from the same source we are the ”source” itself… where there is no time or space it is a very different dimension of.being….we cannot measure neither god not eternity neither our souls…in other words your soul is eternal, it has always existed. it takes different manifestations entering the time-space dimension just like Jesus did….when we do not allow the world view to influence our thoughts then we can follow in his footsteps.

      Imagine tomorrow all people understood their are eternal souls with power and ability to be as Jesus was and that power is love and that love Heals spiritually and physically …then the world would change.
      The shortcoming of religion trough dogmatic assertions and closed minds keeps us away from the truth. the ways of men blind the soul.itself, a baby enters a world infested with diseases of the mind and heart and we expect them to grow healthy?

      We are creating hell on earth, environmentally, health wise, entertainment, movies, wars, weapons, because we have not learned to love…2000 years of the new testament and we still act like we are impotent, victims of our flesh. we have to find better way to teach.and empower people with the meaning of love.

      How many people go to church and work in the war department or making weapons of mass destruction..?

  2. Madeleine says:

    In truth we discover love and freedom from a paradigm that denies reality and creates a world not fit for spiritual beings as we are. We deny our nature, our souls, the light we were born with and out of fear we choose to live in darkness. We can create a world of wisdom and abundance, a world of peace with love for every living thing.
    When the power of love takes hold we will emerge as the beings we were meant to be and rise above the world pettiness. It begins in our heart and minds when we embrace the truth of who we are and become love in action.

  3. dgermain says:

    Just started reading some of your posts. I like a lot of your points. Also, “Zazen Life” reminds me of a Japanese band named “Zazen Boys.” They are pretty awesome, and this song fits the occasion of New Year’s Weekend. Check it out if you like:

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  8. Kaylynn says:

    Woah nelly, how about them apepls!

  9. Ice says:

    It’s imperative that more ppeole make this exact point.

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