The “Revolution” Has Already Started

Within the next 100 years democracy will have taken over the world. The democratic revolution has already begun, it’s been happening for years. All the revolutions taking place in Africa & The Middle East right now have all been in the name of democracy. When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

People around the world have had to live under a lot of different kinds of crooked laws and governments that don’t give a shit about them for way too long: dictatorships, monarchies, fascism, communism, imperialism, federalism etc. They want the freedoms that people living under a democracy have.

What’s happening in the Middle East & Africa is a perfect example of people in countries finally having enough of their power fiend rulers. Right now thousands of Libyans are fighting for democracy against Muammar Gaddafi’s much more powerful, trained militiamen hired from other African countries.

How fucked up is that? Gaddafi has hired these trained killers from Sub-Sahara Africa to come in and completely wipe out rebel towns. Entire families have been slaughtered for supporting the rebels. There are a lot of other revolutions taking place right now that are basically being kept in the dark by the mainstream media.

Genocides are taking place in The Ivory Coast and it’s hardly mentioned in mainstream news. It’s almost as if our government doesn’t want us knowing about the extremely fucked up measures that are being taken to spread Democracy throughout the world…could you imagine that?!

What makes democracy any different from any other evil empire that has ever tried to conquer the world? The only difference is that people are really buying into the illusion of democracy. The majority of the people have fallen victim to dangerous brainwashing propaganda and view democracy as the answer.

When you think about it, democracy can’t be the answer to world peace because within a democracy there are laws, rules which a person with authority has set forward to keep their control over the masses. There is no way you are telling me you can be truly happy living in a place where a person with authority tells you that you are free…but than tells you a ton of things that you’re not allowed to do. It just doesn’t make sense, peace goes hand in hand with freedom and happiness.

Democracy brings the illusion of freedom but in reality it’s just a front for the elite to remain in power and maximize their profits while using the people as their slaves without those poor suckers even realizing.

Since the majority of the people are so brainwashed they won’t even realize that democracy is a bad thing until it’s too late. After the New World Order is in full affect we will begin to realize that there’s a lot more freedoms that we should have that this democracy crap isn’t giving us. So what do you think is going to happen?

We’re going to rebel against democracy, just like every other society in history that has rebelled against an unfair government. Now, do you think the people who are making billions from democracy are going to want to let their sheep/slaves(the people) revolt, demanding more freedoms? No shot. They will try to crush the rebellion like Gaddafi was crushing the uprising against his regime until The United Nations imposed a no fly zone.

Unlike the situation in Libya, The U.N. will not come to our aid and impose another no-fly zone. You want to know why? Because The U.N. is just a front used by the elite to wage war on a country without officially declaring war. The U.N. is a democratic war tool. They will be imposing a no fly zone against the civilians of the world to fight off the rebellion against democracy. Power is like a drug and the people in power are so addicted they would go to extreme lengths to keep that power.

They would even kill people. It’s been done before several times throughout history, what makes democracy the exception?

The revolution will be caused by a mass consciousness shift. It will probably end up like the revolutions happening today: bloody and ruthless. Just like the the dictators, monarchs, etc. that have used military force against their own people(fighting off democracy), democracy will be fighting the realization of the great illusion. Democracy is just one link in the political evolution chain.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing because I do believe that it has to be used as a stepping stone. A stepping stone towards a whole new type of government. It can be a great step forward towards world peace IF it’s used correctly!!

By the looks of things it doesn’t look like it’s being used the right way. It’s being used as a device to deceive people. Never trust the government.


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3 Responses to The “Revolution” Has Already Started

  1. I agree completely.

    I would say that world war III has most definitely begun. But democracy does not exist anywhere in our current world. Not a true democracy. So how could it be that it is winning a revolution?

    Plus the word revolution is highly charged. Language and its meaning is very important. A revolution implies a full circle. A full circle implies returning to the same place you started. That is why no revolution has ever equalled true change. We always end up back where we started with a new leader and a lot of fighting. But never any real change. A revolution.

  2. raburcke says:

    I absolutely agree with you, but as always the trouble is finding a viable alternative.

    • have you checked out my blog, the Alternate Economy? I am not claiming to have all the answers, but I do believe it is time to start making some real changes. Not revolutions. Not false democracies. Not communism, or capitalism. But a blend of the strengths from every philosophy. Help me to create the discussion that will change our world!

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