My whole life I have been searching for balance.

Some people say that balance is the secret to life.

Achieving a perfectly balanced life is said to be the key to long lasting contentment.

Today I am going to talk about an equilibrium that must be found, in which, when found, all things snap into place… and when mastered… the key to life is unlocked.

This equilibrium is the middle ground between perfect manifestation and perfect surrender to the flow.

Perfect manifestation is defined as the ability to think about something that you want, and be able to immediately attain this thing.


Patanjali, (the writer of the yoga sutras), says that as you approach perfection, the gap between the thought and the manifestation becomes smaller and smaller until the thing you desire comes about IMMEDIATELY upon thinking of it.

This might sound completely impossible for most people;
Here lies your resistance.

Perfect surrender could be summed up by not caring whether you acquire anything at all, and could be taken even further by saying that you have no desires at all.  Surrender is a form of non-attachment.  You are unattached to the results of your actions, because you are in a passive observation of how things are, and understand that whatever happens is good, and should not be judged, but accepted.

I myself, went through these phases respectively.

The Secret

Sophomore year of college, I went pretty far down the road of manifestation.  I did many experiments which involved visualizing what I wanted, believing that I had it, and then accepting it as a fact that it would come to me.

This all culminated after reading “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrnes. 

Yes, I was heavy into the new age movement centered around “The Law of Attraction”.

But there was something a little too…selfish… about it.

For those of you curious though, it does in fact work.  Like any other thing you set out to do, it takes hard work, dedication, and persistence… but you can manifest ANYTHING that you want with the right direction of will-power.

I am thankful for this stage of my life though, because it lead me down a very spiritual path, and right on through to the other side; Non-attachment.

The problem with this law of attraction, is that it causes you to attach to results.  You visualize what you want, accept it, get excited about it, and then… a huge build up as you wait…and a good amount of the time it amounts to absolutely nothing but emptiness and disappointment.

The other side is a lot more peaceful.  If you don’t want or need any material things, then you are above the law of attraction, and are not a slave to luxury.

For instance, if you want to live in a mansion, drive around in a Ferrari, and eat 100 dollar meals every night…then you are going to need to manifest quite a job for yourself.


If you are content with a 300 dollar a month one room apartment in a low populated area, a nice used Subaru, and smart grocery shopping… you might be able to get away with only having to work half the year…

If you want to go to the movies every other day, you are going to need to find a way to get those ten dollars.


If you are content with sitting at home, you can meditate, practice an instrument, and write a short story for free.

Now for the equilibrium.

We all want things.  I have found a loophole in the logic of the law of attraction that works.  What I have done, is added a new final step.  After “accept that you have it already”, what you have to do is become totally detached from the outcome.  That way, you place your order with the universe, but then you take the power back from it, and say that you would like this thing, but you are content regardless and ultimately are unattached from receiving it.

I am not saying to pretend that you don’t care, just because this will make the thing more likely to manifest.  There is no tricking the universe.  You ACTUALLY have to realize that you do not need that thing and are still complete without it.  If you can do this, it doesn’t matter if it comes or not, but the truth is, that it WILL most likely come.

Merging these two things will bring you great joy.

Manifestation is an active principle of getting what you want.

Surrender is a passive principle of accepting what is.

Manifest surrender, and surrender to whatever the results of your manifestation may be.

Peace, love, prosperity.



4 Responses to Equilibrium

  1. yes, yes, yes!!! This is what I am trying to achieve on a daily basis – acceptance is the key! Thanks for such a concise and easy to understand post on a topic that is so simple but so hard to practice in today’s world 🙂

    • ascendedmasta says:

      Thanks for the positivity! Im glad that you liked the post. It is definitely something that takes a lot of practice… Im still working on it too!

  2. Really brilliant post. And I am so glad that people can say with great affirmation that all fo the manifestion/the secret stuff was selfish and ego-centered. I like the balance that you are shooting for.

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