What is The “Real World?”

“The real world sucks man!”

I can’t tell you how many time I have heard that from friends who have already graduated school.

The "Real World"

As I sit on the brink of graduating college in a mere six months, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what the “real world” actually is.

To me, the real world is the same world I have already lived in. It doesn’t change the second I get that diploma and begin my job search.

Job search.

I laugh at that.

Many people feel that once they graduate college they must go work for someone else, probably hate their lives for the first 5 years, and eventually hope they get to do something they actually want to do with their lives.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

Just because you have been CONDITIONED to believe that way, doesn’t make that “way” the “way.”

There is no “way.”

There is no one leading this whole thing we call life.

There is no one piloting the spaceship that we call home.

If there was, maybe I could agree with you that there is a leader.

You lead your own life.

You make the ultimate decisions on what to do with your life.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you “have to go get a job now” because if you truly want, YOU CAN WORK FOR YOURSELF.

In fact, if you look at the statistics, many of the most successful people to ever walk around on this spaceship came from nothing, and didn’t even go to school.

Now I am not saying drop out of school, I am simply saying start thinking for yourself about what you truly want.

Do you really want to be locked in an office cube like all of your other friends working for someone you hate?

Do you love yourself?

Wouldn’t it be better to work for someone you love?

Say for example, yourself?

How about working with your friends too?

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate goal?

Having fun with your friends around the clock 24/7 without pausing to reflect on how “the real world” is treating everyone else?

We here at are living that dream.

I have already promised multiple people that this website will define the rest of our lives in the next six months.

Just sit back and watch us go to work.

Peace, love, and zen. 🙂



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26 Responses to What is The “Real World?”

  1. I love your attitude and wish I’d had more of that when I first graduated. Thanks for supporting my blog, I look forward to watching you guys work. Happy New Year!

  2. thomag1 says:

    I like your style…I’ll be tuning in to your stuff….thanks for dropping by my site.

  3. Society if full of conditioning. Society is full of mind trance, not necessarily good trance either. Yes I’m not talking about the type through wonderful meditation, I’m speaking of a far nefarious type. We need to follow our own inner guidance, too many rely on others for their answers, It takes many instruments to make a beautiful melody at times, however we need not trade our own for others. There is no doubt a high percentage of agenda in University, no offense to those that go, I went as well, however, to be a free thinker, and doer, is really the only way to become independent and sure of truth, and only when you are independent can you become united in peace and acceptance with others. Unity is not about giving up your personal truth, nor conforming to dictates. The greatest thinkers and doers thought out of the box.

    Many become victims of their own self made paradigms which happens to come about through conditioned agenda and thinking of others through many facets of society. It takes a strong soul to overcome such a heavy burden that is upon this earth. There is nothing unhappy about knowing truth and if one is confident, spiritually centered, you will be able to view truth, even in all its ugliness and beauty and still remain calm in the eye of the storm, sometimes that storm is our very planet for which we reside upon. I think Jonathan doesn’t wear blinders, perhaps more spiritual centering is needed for everyone to get through the things to come. If one sees, then they are labeled as “unhappy” ” cynical” “negative” or the doozy one is “you create your own reality” which is partly true, that is……… IF and ONLY when something or someone does not enter into your “Creational Space” and usurp your will. (which goes on all the time these days upon earth. We are talking about agenda from eons ago that is still present to this very day. Well, it seems things are a smorgasbord of truth and lies, its up to us to wade through the dense fog to the light, independently while being spiritually centered and free from conditioned agenda and mindsets put upon society.

    Take care, Jonathan… Its good to hear a free thinker, your not cynical or unhappy, you are a feeling being who sees things as they are and you will always be labeled when you know the truth, so stay the course

    Shanti Jewels

  4. Jenzy says:

    “You lead your own life.”

    “You make the ultimate decisions on what to do with your life.”

    I personally felt the article was written well and found the message to be loud and clear … a healthy, no bullshit, ‘as a matter of fact’, figure out what the hell it is you want out of your life and MAKE YOU HAPPY message. 🙂

  5. nyrdubs says:

    Well “Jonathan”, you sir are very hypocritical. You say we sit around in sweat pants and write articles that have no meaning or identity? You must have even less to do nor any work ethic if you decide to visit our site and take the time to write a comment without any benefit but to be torn to pieces by our lyrical ingenuousness. I work very hard for everything I have and even this website in its entirety is a piece of “work” or job to some. Haven’t you read an article in a newspaper or anywhere on the web? It’s called journalism and we find doing what we do to be enjoyable. so please “Jonathan”, bring your negativity elsewhere and do not judge the truth..the truth being you are a lazy negative and very sad individual. Learn to love life and others and you will find yourself in a higher state of mental and even physical bliss. PEACE.

  6. breakinbadd says:

    Jonathan, people can put hardwork into anything. Many successful people work from home and work just as hard as others who work in an office.
    Just as long as you love what you are doing there should not be any problem.
    Posting on an article with such negativity makes it seem like you are pretty unhappy with yourself.
    Try and find somthing that will make you truely happy.
    Lazy is not doing anything with your life. has a team of hard working friends that bring new posts every day and give their followers a broad selection of advice and entertainment.
    Your definition of hard work is terribly wrong.
    Go talk to Mark Zuckerberg about being “lazy” because he worked from “home” and created a billion dollar website.
    Or maybe even millionaire day traders that work 24/7…from home.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Maybe waking up at the crack of noon and sitting in sweatpants all day posting articles to a website isn’t what everyone defines as “something they love.” Maybe being an engineer and developing new ideas is something that someone loves. Or maybe numbers, figures and accounting is a job that someone loves. We don’t all fall for your romanticized visions of self-employment. I believe in real entrepreneurs, not lazy-20 somethings rehashing old material on a website that has no real position, identity or purpose.

    So, what you’re saying is that those of us that have real jobs and work hard for our money and contribute to society should come to your website frequently so that you don’t have to?

    Riiiiight, I’ll get on that.
    StumbleUpon thumbs down.

  8. Jenzy says:

    Refreshing indeed, well said, couldn’t agree more!

  9. Katrina says:

    I applaud you all! Way to go!

  10. I love your post! I have to say, when I graduated college I had spent the last 11 months of my life “preparing” for law school. Guess who’s not in law school? To top it all, I don’t have a 9 to 5. I was blessed enough to meet a mentor on twitter and we’ve began an online digital marketing firm. Granted, a FT job is needed because bills do not pay themselves and that is just one of the “realities” of the real world. My point? If there is anything we should have learned in college, is to set goals, big goals, but to be willing to be small and to work hard even at “lame” jobs if it means we will get to chase those big goals. If you want the awesome life, you have to be willing to make awesome sacrifices. Perhaps most importantly, you have to be willing to accept some of the lemons life throws at you and make the most of it… (till you pick the seeds, grow your own tree and get to throw some lemons at life) 🙂

  11. Is this the Real World or the alternate version? What’s not to say you in a parallel universe isn’t the one in the REAL world. Reality is only perception – everyone’s is different. I wonder how the collective acceptable perception is what it is. Make your own Real World.
    🙂 Peace

    • The real world is whatever you perceive to be real. I live in a real world that I enjoy around the clock with all the people I love, and I wont be switching universes anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  12. Jason Moore says:

    I think that when people say “the real world” they mean that you can no longer sleep in and party from Monday to Sunday, however I do agree with you that if that’s the way you want to live and work hard for it you can do that. Dieselpoker is going to be a millionaire…

  13. Keep thinking the way you’re thinking, think outside the box – so many people today are confined to the box – the only advice I have is stay away from racking up credit cards – too many people are doing jobs they hate just to pay off the credit cards – little or no debt = freedom!

  14. ascendedmasta says:

    random parents near graduation ; “so…are you ready for the REAL world”
    my response ; “what are you talking about? this is an ILLUSION! …and you thought it was real lol.”

  15. How refreshing to hear a young person with aspirations beyond the ordinary. Hold on to these dreams – and turn them into reality. I’m with you all the way.

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