Esoteric Wisdom

Today I am going to discuss the esoteric wisdom that has been passed down since the beginning of time.  It has been heavily guarded from the public for fear of it getting into the hands of the profane.  Because of this fact, only a small, select group of humans have had the tremendous honor of learning the divine truths of nature.  These divine truths, when understood, unlock a world of unlimited potential; A new perception of reality, in which the so called “laws” of physical reality do not control you… you control them!

These truths are centered around freeing yourself from the shackles of material bondage, and experiencing your true nature as a divine being.

Esoteric is a word that has been used in many different ways, but ultimately refers to a form of philosophy and knowledge, which is taught to a select group of people.  It is derived from the Greek “esoterikos”, meaning “belonging to an inner circle”.  On top of using the word to describe the inner circle who learn this knowledge, it also pertains to the knowledge of the inner, non-physical nature of humans, as oppose to the outer, physical nature.

An important axiom regarding this matter, pertains to the nature of being, and points the way back from the falsehood of the ego and the human body, to the truth of the higher spiritual self.

The axiom states that “we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but instead are spiritual beings having human experiences.”

What this is explaining, is that the “self” which resides in the body, is transcendental of the material realm.  At the highest point of transcendence, every “self” is the same essential thing and therefore only one self truly exists.  The spiritual property of existence residing at the core of every being becomes ignorant of this truth in order to exist as separate entities.  The human experience is the spiritual property expressing itself in material form, and the spiritual property is first, foremost, and solely the existent property.

Another important axiom which I will discuss here, shows this same truth in a simple concise manner;

“All is one, and one is all.”

The first part is infallibly true and straightforward, showing us that everything is connected as one.  There is no part of this universe that is separate from any other part.  We are interconnected metaphysically as well as physically.
The second part is a little less straight forward, but it points out that each part of this infinite puzzle of reality, contains the entire thing.  The microcosm contains the macrocosm, the seed contains the plant, the acorn contains the tree, every single cell in your body contains you, and you contain the entire universe within you!

This might be a tricky concept for some to wrap their minds around, but this, for the most part, is because people tend to think from an egoic perspective.  When combined with the first axiom regarding the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we see that our separate egos are just an illusionary veil hiding our true nature.  When realization is cultivated, it is seen what I am truly referring to when I say “you”, and this might help you to realize how you are in fact EVERYTHING.

So far, what I have revealed is barely even scratching the surface of what is known.  This knowledge has been carefully taught to the adepts, and concealed from the profane for as long as humans can account for.

In ancient Egypt, it was perpetuated through the mystery schools.  More recently, the knights templar were said to have possessed it.  Out of the knights templar, came the Rosicrucians, and in modern times, it is the Freemasons who understand these secrets.

Obviously it is difficult to follow a timeline of secret societies and where their knowledge came from, but it is said to hail originally from the great civilization that predated Egypt, known to some as Atlantis.

Rose Cross

The Rose Cross

Within these societies, the secrets are represented and interpreted through literature, oral teachings, and most importantly SYMBOLS.

The word “Rosicrucian” translates relatively directly to “Rose Cross”.  The symbol of the rose cross is a cross, much like the one in Christianity, with a rose in the center where the two lines of the cross meet.  According to Manly Palmer Hall (33rd degree freemason), the Rose represents our pure spiritual consciousness, which has been crucified by the material world, represented by the cross which points to the four cardinal directions.  A famous Rosicrucian greeting is “May the roses bloom upon your cross.”  Interpreted according to the symbolic representations of each thing, it can be shown to mean “may your higher spiritual nature be retrieved from your material bondage.”

Manly Palmer Hall was a very successful author, and was famous as being a high level Freemason despite never having joined the society!  His writings were so on point, that during his 40s, the Freemasons decided to publicly appoint him the 32nd degree, which is the second highest degree, and ten years later, the 33rd.  Many have to climb the ladder one notch at a time, and most never make it past the 3rd degree, but the degrees are assigned to you directly proportioned to your degree of understanding, so in his case, he already possessed the highest understanding and was immediately recognized as such.

The symbol of the Freemasons is another one shrouded in profound symbolic meaning.  This symbol is a compass used for making circles, overlapped by a tool with two perpendicular rulers in an “L” shape called a square, with a “G” in the middle.

Freemason Symbol

The Freemason Symbol


Although there are many different interpretations of what this symbol could mean, I have come to understand it to be parallel with the meaning involved in the ancient math problem of “Squaring a circle.”  This problem consists of finding a square and a circle with an equal perimeter and circumference respectively.  If one were to draw it, they would need a compass, and, you guessed it… a square!

Although the formula is said to be physically impossible, due to the transcendental value of pi, it can be accomplished metaphysically by figuring out what they represent, and then merging them.

Albert Pike (33rd degree) believed the square to represent a plane, and therefore be likened to the finite material realm.  He also thought the circle to be spherical, relating to the heavenly bodies, as well as continuous in nature, showing an infinite progression.  With this in mind, squaring the circle could be seen as merging the heavens and the earth, or in other words, finding the infinite in the finite.

As far as the “G” is concerned, this is pure speculation.  There have been many different words that the “G” has been said to stand for;  “Geometry” is one, as the masons were master builders and used mathematics in the structures they erected.  “Grand Architect” is another, for the Masons sought to find the divine principle which is the grand architect of the universe. “God” is a popularly accepted one for obvious reasons.  And “Gnosis” is another one which I have heard, which is a Greek word for knowledge, as well as a trance-like state that can be reached called “the Gnostic state” taken from ancient Gnosticism.
Although most of those make sense, none can be proven correct, and only the highest hierarchical rung of the freemasons know for sure what it means.  Here lies the secret of esoteric wisdom, for the outside circle of humanity cannot know the secrets unless told by an initiated member.

The counter-argument to my previous statement stems from the nature of the wisdom perpetuated.  This wisdom is first and foremost the study of the inner self, and therefore can in fact be understood without being initiated.  After all, someone figured it out without being told at SOME POINT!

If you are interested in learning the secrets of the universe, all you need is unwavering persistence and intention, the right books, and meditation.  Upon revealing your intention to your self and the universe alone, things will start falling in line perfectly, the right books will present themselves to you, and these books, as well as personal experience, will teach you the art of meditation.

Or you could just keep reading the blog posts at ZAZENLIFE.COM, and we will tell you!

Although I have said multiple times that these secrets are heavily guarded and not meant for the public, I believe that this is in a changing phase.  Many secret societies and religious teachers are coming out and revealing the truth to the public.

We may be on the verge of a mass spiritual awakening, and with the recent information revolution, all things seem ripe for the hidden secrets to be revealed before your eyes.

More to come soon…

Peace and love to all.

-Ascended Masta


6 Responses to Esoteric Wisdom

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  2. You have posted my favorite axiom “we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but instead are spiritual beings having human experiences.”
    Certainly puts a different spin on life.
    Thank you!

    • ascendedmasta says:

      one of my favorites as well! understanding that changes your perspective in a blink of the eye…

  3. Sandy Sue says:

    I have been studying esoteric works for several years and list many of the books recommended to me by my teacher in my “Resources” page. It’s a place to start reading, at least.
    Thank you for visiting my site and deciding to stick around.

  4. This is an absolute masterpiece. I remember talking with you about Palmer Hall hoping you would eventually do a post on him. That vision manifested, much like a lot of the other things we discussed. #zazen4life

  5. Leaves Heal says:

    Definitely freedom to be had on the other side of consumerism 🙂

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