The Power of Positive Thinking

Thoughts become things.

I urge you for a few seconds to take a look around you.

Everything around you is the product of thought.

Every item created by mankind was an initial thought put into physical motion and manifested into physical reality.

Without thought, there simply would be no things.

positive thinking

Positivity Trumps Negativity

Having this in mind, think of the possible crazy realities of this idea. Since the human mind is essentially limitless with infinite potential, any thought could in theory manifest in the physical realm.

We as human beings create our own thought patterns whether we realize it or not.

90% of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind which since birth has been programmed by society, media, governments, advertisements and our own unique experiences.

Only 10% of our thoughts come from our conscious mind which has the ability to choose thoughts from a database of thoughts from the subconscious mind.

Since the subconscious mind has undergone so much programming from an early age with no restriction, a majority of us will grow up with negative thought patterns that have been instilled in us by our own parents, governments and cultures.

These negative thought patterns grow with us as we age through time without us realizing it.

For many people, it will be almost impossible to change.

When we consciously start to decide to adapt positive thinking patterns we can tap into the subconscious power to fuel our lives in the right direction.

Thoughts become things, positive thoughts result in positive things.

The more you can eliminate negative thought patterns the more positive things you can produce in your life. Without negative restrictions, the mind can has the ability to strictly think positive at all times and can produce some extremely powerful results if you let allow it to.

Reprogramming your subocnscious is easy if you know how to.

Adapting a new positive thinking pattern will take some time and it will not be easy at first.

Resistance from your subconscious will occur because it is resisting a new thought pattern that is different from its current negative thought pattern. The negative thought pattern tries to override the new level of thinking and if you allow it to it can land you right back at square one in a sea of negative thinking.

Once you are able to overcome the resistance of your own thoughts, you are closer to mastering your own mind.

Once you allow yourself to master your mind, you no longer become a slave to your previous negative thinking patterns.

There are many ways to reprogram your mind into a positive state.

One method I like to employ in my life is zazen meditation.

Meditation enables you to reconquer your mind by slowly calming and releasing all thought. Once the mind is completely still, it is in its purest state. In this state you can tap into your subconscious mind and release all the negativity from your mind.

Meditation is some pretty powerful stuff.

I have been able to bring my mind into an extremely peaceful state at all times and it has allowed me to release all the negative programming I have been exposed to in my earlier childhood years. There are many different methods of meditation and it is an unique experience to each individual who tries it.

Subliminal reprogramming has become very popular over the past few years and it is an effortless method of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Silent subliminal audio tapes can be played anywhere at anytime and will influence your subconscious mind automatically without any conscious resistance.

The audio’s messages go below the threshold of the conscious mind to pick up but the subconscious picks up the messages and acts on them INSTANTLY creating any kind of change you want in your life and can even train you to learn new skills, languages and abilities without any effort.

This new technology is still in its adolescence and has yet to have any major studies done on it but I will tell you that I have personally tried it and I can say it works and produces results.

There will still need to be conscious effort and work put in on your part but if you have the desire to do something, these audio tapes can certainly boost your ability to achieve the results you want.

positive thinking success

Positive Thinking is The Key to Success

When you think positively, you get all the creative juices flowing in your brain and your brain acts to help you create the ideas you have in your mind. Negative thinking patterns block the ability to envision a thought as becoming physical.

When you tell yourself something wont happen, it wont happen.

There is no “wont” in positive thinking, it simply doesn’t exist.

Positivity leads to abundance of creative idea that have all led to extremely innovate creations such as iPhones, spaceships, and the internet.

Those are all the product of limitless creative thought. The designers of such products were in such a positive mindset they believed all their ideas would become creations and sure enough they did. The absence of doubt and the lack of insecurities enabled them to explore the infinite creative power of their own minds.

They envisioned something that had not yet been created and had the balls to go for it, and achieved it.

Without positively knowing they were going to achieve, they would have just failed and succumbed to all the roadblocks many of us encounter in reaching our dreams.

Technology keeps advancing because the smart minds in our human race are diving deeper into the depths of human creativity and innovation.

They choose to think differently than anyone else has ever on this planet and that gives them ability to design insanely new powerful creations. And it is going to keep going on forever as we continue through the cycle of life.

Positive thinking is leading the way.

Thinking positively will destroy any barriers you have created in your mind and open you up to the realm of infinite possibility. As unique individuals, we all have different areas of possibilities to tap into.

We all have different ideas we would like to explore and create into our lives and creating a positive thinking pattern for yourself will guide you in the direction towards achieving whatever you desire.


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