Three Easy Steps To Live The Zazen Life

Learn The Truth About Marijuana.

Step 1. Smoke a joint.

Step 2. Look into a telescope.

Step 3. Stop giving a shit about EVERYTHING and learn to appreciate what you have.

Nothing Matters When You Love What You Do.

#WelcomeToZazenLife! #2012 #TheGlobalConsciousnessMovement

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11 Responses to Three Easy Steps To Live The Zazen Life

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  7. kagmi says:

    Mmm, that sounds lovely. You know, I don’t smoke, but apparently I get enough of a high off of my own brain chemistry. I miss telescope days–I used to go out into the country with my local astronomy club and look at planets and binary stars, but it’s been years.

  8. breakinbadd says:

    Step 4: dont say fuck anymore, cuz fuck is the worst word that you can sayyyy fuck is the worst word that you can sayyyy..instead of saying fuck sayyy mmmmkayyyyyy

  9. Hello, Thank you for the ‘like’. Just catching up. Dig your list. I have to do my New Years Resolution list. I publish it. Then I cannot chicken out. (one of them is an altogether quit on cigs) Not a habit now so it is just ‘do it’. Have wonderful holidays..Peace Tony

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