Who’s Pulling The Strings?

America is an oligarchy.

The vast majority of us are ruled by a powerful few, and we know about virtually NONE of it.

This video and the attached Venn Diagrams show just how royally screwed we are. Big government and big corporations alone would be bad enough, but when they work in tandem with each other, looking out for each other’s interests, that’s where it gets super scary.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention NDAA, for with the passage of that bill, the 10 requisite steps for establishing fascism┬áhave been accomplished. Let us not also forget the rights-infringing SOPA, which thankfully has been tabled until after the new year.

If you’d like to learn more about SOPA, there’s a great article here.

Now, far be it from me to tell anybody how to think, and I’m not saying I agree with everything the guy says, but the ONLY candidate running for President who has a history of integrity and standing up for liberty is Ron Paul.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten my two cents out of the way, on to the meat and potatoes.

I kept the Venn Diagrams small to conserve space.

My apologies that you have to click on them to make them readable.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for the Venn Diagrams.


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15 Responses to Who’s Pulling The Strings?

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  2. Normal-Thinking American says:

    Another loony Ron Paul automaton who’s drinking the Kool Aid; these are the same type of people who got us into this mess by anointing the Great O into office: Obamabots.

    • phdinweed says:

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment. However, I must vociferously disagree. Obama and Paul could not be more different. Ron Paul served in the military and had a long and distinguished career as an MD. Obama had no occupation that I am aware of other than “community organizer.” Ron Paul believes in less government, and thus less government interference in citizens’ lives. The great O wants to control what everyone sees and hears. Come back and visit often. You’ll be sure to see a lot of great stuff!

      • Normal-Thinking American says:

        I never said that Ron Paul and the Great O were the same. I said the type of people who worship them are. Robotic blind obedience.

        • phdinweed says:

          I would tend to disagree with that, although not as much. Ron Paul does have some very fervent supporters. I, for one, don’t agree with everything the guy says, but he is the only candidate talking solutions for the major problems facing America. He may be a bit wacky when it comes to foreign policy, but we have to fix what’s broken here before we worry about whats going on halfway around the world.

          • Normal-Thinking American says:

            Wacky? That’s a bit of an understatement don’t you think? Allowing Iran to obtain the bomb is “okay” because they’re not there yet? Peace in our time. Reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain in the 1930’s; and we all know how that worked out.

            • phdinweed says:

              Even if they obtain the bomb, do they have a delivery system capable of reaching the US? No.

              • Normal-Thinking American says:

                That’s atypical Ron Paul-esque reasoning: a/k/a loonie tunes thinking. Assuming that they don’t have the capability now (and that’s a big “if”), what will we do when they do have the means? Should we then go the Obama route and sit and reason with a madman and beg him to be our friend and to like us? Better we shouldn’t allow maniacs to have dangerous toys than worry later about what to do. You’re defending the indefensible just so that you can stay zen with Ron Paul.

                • phdinweed says:

                  I’m not down with WWIII, and that’s where the war machine is taking us.

                  • Normal-Thinking American says:

                    While I’m in agreement with you regarding some of these “wars” we are involved in(I am still not quite sure why we are/were in Lybia), the “war machine” rhetoric exposes your liberal leanings. Go watch MSNBC; they’re in need of an audience. Is it any wonder that Fox News has an audience size more than CNN and MSNBC comined? Go sell your progressive wares somewhere else, we’ve had enough of the “change” since radicals invaded 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

                    • phdinweed says:

                      Actually, it IS a wonder to me why so many people watch fox news, since they have been caught multiple times just outright fabricating shit. Did you know people who watch NO news are better informed than people who watch Fox news? Fact. And Eisenhower warned us about the War Machine in his farewell address, that hippie.

                    • Normal-Thinking American says:

                      Fact? Who conducted the poll? I’ve spoken with people, including relatives, that watch local news and CNN and based on my conversations with these people I can surely tell you that they are basically morons with no clue what is going on. Speak to your typical Obamabot (who I can assure you don’t watch Fox News) and ask them about Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, and Bill Ayers. The typical answer you’ll get is “Huh? Who are those people?” I think my Tea-Party compatriots and loyal Fox News watchers have a deeper grasp of what is going on than your MSNBC/CNN viewers. Fox News has been caught multiple fabricating shit? CNN’s entire news-stream is a twenty-four-hour-a-day fabrication; it’s actually almost laughable. Time to wake up buddy. The hippies didn’t get it right in the 60’s but you libtards are still trying.

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