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Apocalypse: Now or Not?

We’re one year away from Dec. 21, 2012, the date that the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar allegedly marked as the end of an era that would reset the date to zero and signal the end of humanity.

The Mayan Long Count Calender

There have been many crazy people this year who’ve claimed the apocalypse was near. Remember when Christian radio host Harold Camping predicted that the world would end, twice? First he said it would happen May 21st, and then on October 21st and we’re still here.

There have also been similar warnings about the world coming to an end from various cultures, including Native Americans, the Chinese, Egyptians and even the Irish.

The Mayans predicted a final event that included a solar shift, a Venus transit and violent earthquakes.

Their Long Count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a  sacred number for the Mayans, they wrote that the 13th Baktun ends on Dec. 21, 2012.

Many archeologists argue that the 2012 reference on a 1,300-year-old stone tablet only marks the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar.


“The world will not end. It is an era,” said Yeanet Zaldo, a tourism spokeswoman for the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo, home to Cancun. “For us, it is a message of hope.”

Remember Y2K? People stocked up on water, food, and medical supplies in case the world ended when it went from the year 1999 to 2000. Absolutely nothing happened.

I still laugh about that.

Who knows what’s really going to happen?

Maybe it’s not the end of humanity. It might be some sort of mass consciousness shift that moves humanity in a certain direction. In other words, ending the world as we know it.

But than again, there are the people who believe planet Nibiru’s orbit has it headed for an encounter with the Earth. An encounter that would destroy everything.

Personally, I don’t think planet Nibiru will destroy all of humanity. I believe that the world is experiencing a consciousness shift and has been for some time. Evolution being the driving force behind that shift. Human are done psychically evolving but are still in the process of fully developing our consciousness.

Through Higher Consciousness:

We unlock doors within our consciousness that would be ignored and kept locked by an ignorant person. By attaining knowledge and wisdom we raise our conscious awareness of everything that exists. Slowly we’ll begin to see passed the illusions projected onto reality by our modern society (power, authority, money, drugs, politics). Through knowledge and wisdom we attain understanding. Understanding is a doorway which leads to positivity: equality, justice, love, peace and happiness.

Consciousness is always evolving. If I told you 20 years ago that the president of the United States would be a minority, you would probably have thought I was out of my mind. Our countries recent history has been plagued with lynchings and murders of minorities committed by the KKK and other ignorant minds….but it only took a short time for most people to realize how ignorant they once were. It’s 2011 and America as a nation has voted a half black president into office. It’s only a matter of time before we consciously evolve into a global civilization which has shed its ignorance and is ready for the next link in their evolutionary chain.

Whatever happens on December 21st, 2012, I’ll be ready and looking forward to it. Bring it on.


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14 Responses to Apocalypse: Now or Not?

  1. Tanni says:

    Great article and I also still laugh about Y2K. However, since I’m not exactly sure what will happen, I’m trying to complete everything on my bucket list in case the world does end. I even wrote a post about it. Would love it if you got a chance to read it: do

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  3. mindwarpfx says:

    The end of the world ideas, must be so hard to take by some people, because they are afraid of what is after death? No one will ever be able to say as a fact this date is it! It is great fun for looking at the many possibilities of what will happen at the end. But then is it only the end as we know it? Then something else takes the place of the old, then enter the next new thing? Thanks for following my blog as well. Have done the same. Like your posts. Till next time. All the best!

  4. 2012 will be an incredibly interesting year, and no one can predict which kind of stunts the elite will pull in order to consolidate and amalgamate some of their positions. However, I do believe there will be a lot of pump and dump going on. If we can override the news and stay focused on people around us, I think 2012 will have mini-booms at the local level because a lot of people will make this the year they realize their dreams in case some transforming event takes place. Look for some very brazen behaviour coming from all social classes. -“tarotworldtour”

  5. beckythegeek says:

    I find your article today (the whole concept) and your blog really interesting. Thanks for liking my post the other day – I wouldn’t have discovered you otherwise and look forward to reading more from you…

  6. terri0729 says:

    I think not, lol! Wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow! I have returned the favor as well. Is that a Julius Peppers jersey that I spotted over there on the side pic’s? Just curious 🙂 Blessings and Merry Christmas, Terri

    • TheTaoOfD says:

      thanks terri0729! i enjoy your blog posts! will be checking back for more! glad you liked the post! and that isn’t a peppers jersey. its diesels costume made jersey that says diesel

  7. The world has never ended before. We would be incredibly priviledged to witness such an event.

    The world as we know it is about to end. It is only fear of the unknown that makes us believe this will come as fire and brimstone and death.

    You are right. It will come as an evolutionary jump in consciousness. The Universe exists in cycles of Karma. Humanity has been genetically identical for 24,000 years… the same amount of time as the cycle of ages in astrology that the Mayan calendar references. Evolution happens whether we are ready for it or not.

    Fasten your seatbelts!

  8. I hear you. Evolution moves on. We try to hard to compartmentalize reality in neat little boxes of knowledge hoping that they will remain still and therefore being capable capable of being understood. Illusion it is.
    Peace and happy solstice to everyone !

  9. SchinTeth says:

    Cool, an interesting read. I am not sure whether our evolution is conscious or not but I think that’s not the most important part in your post.
    It would be interesting to look at these end of day ideas and how/why people adhere to those so often…

  10. I agree whole heartedly TaoofD! There is something on the horizon that will give the human race a jolt of evolution whether they’re prepared or not. IIn November of last year NASA discovered an energy source at the center of our galaxy…I have proposed that it’s this energy wave that will be giving us that enlightenment bump.

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