Peyton Manning Or Tom Brady?

Manning or Brady?

Who would you take? Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Obviously, you would not be wrong in taking either one of them. However, subtract Manning’s neck injury, I find it interesting to see how many fans would prefer Manning over Brady.

Let’s start with Brady first (this year stats have been included).

Brady is One of the Best Ever

Tom Brady #12, New England Patriots – 12 year career

39,337 Passing Yards, 296 Touchdowns, 114 Interceptions, and a 96.4 Career Passer Rating.

Career Notes – Tom Brady has had an impressive career to say the least, what makes his story so compelling is how irrelevant he was in college. Brady was drafted in the 6th round (199th overall) in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Patriots and the Patriots have never looked back since.

Brady has won three Super Bowls out of 4 appearances, is third all-time in Passer Rating (96.4) with at least 1,500 attempts, holds the NFL for touchdowns in a season with 50, and has been voted to seven Pro Bowls. However, the most important stats follow, Brady’s record a starting quarterback is 121-35, with a 14-5 postseason record, and he married a Victoria secret model, WINNING? (As Charlie Sheen would say)

Can Peyton compete? I think so

Peyton Manning #18, Indianapolis Colts – 14 year career.

Peyton Making The Perfect Throw

54,828 Passing Yards, 399 Touchdowns, 198 Interceptions, and a 94.9 Career Passer Rating.

Career Notes: Unlike Tom Brady, Peyton Manning was highly touted out of college. Manning was the 1st overall pick in the 1998 draft (IMAGINE, if the Colts took Leaf?), Peyton made an impact immediately, going 13-3 in his second full season as the starter.

Peyton has won one Super Bowl and has appeared in two in his career. Manning is 6th all time in Passer Rating (94.9), holds the record of MVP’s in a career with 4 and 4,000 yard seasons with 11. Manning also has the most career Pro Bowl appearances with 11 and boasts a 141-67 record with a postseason record of 9-10.

For the record, I could not state every record both of these players hold because it would literally take me all night and this article would be impossible to read, I just used the stats I found most important in my decision-making in deciding between the two (touchdowns, interceptions, career record).

Not a bad resume for either, both will be in canton one day no doubt about it. Also, when you put these two careers next to each other it is extremely tough to choose. However, the tie breaker for me is the playoff records, 14-5 to 9-10 is a dramatic difference.

Peyton just has not have the success in the playoffs like Tom Brady, and for me it matters more what you do once you are in the playoffs. Manning is the best regular season quarterback I have ever seen, his footwork in the pocket is unbelievable and his arm strength and accuracy are once in a lifetime, and i have never seen any quarterback change the play on the go like Peyton. Despite that, I just cannot pick Manning over Brady.

Brady has a certain cool and calm about him, I have never seen Brady throw an interception to crush his teams’ hopes on the biggest stage in sports (I am referring to Super Bowl XLIV). They are both once in a lifetime players, but I want the guy that never seems to be rattled and has won multiple championships.

I have said my opinion, what’s yours?


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One Response to Peyton Manning Or Tom Brady?

  1. mark lands says:

    Brady is the choice. better touchdown to interception ratio, Higher winning percentage, 3 superbowl rings,
    never panics and loses a monster game for his team unlike Manning. Furthermore Brady’s playoff record is outstanding and Manning is average. Brady’s stats the last few years are amazing. He may still be getting better. Manning is not getting better. The next 3 years will further demonstrate that the choice is Brady. The sports media folks always pick Peyton Manning and they’ve got it wrong. Time will tell.

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