Eerily Prescient

I had thought to give the politics a rest for a while, but I re-stumbled upon this cartoon from 1948. Now, obviously, there are some very dated parts in here, especially where it describes the USA as an economic powerhouse, but the rest is goose-bump inducing. It describes EXACTLY what is going on right now, and how the powers that be are playing US citizens against each other while the government usurps more and more of our rights.

“Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons.”
Ron Paul

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  1. For those of us who born in the US, and have lived here our entire lives, the American Dream is just a silly phrase. Most of us do not understand how radical and unprecedented the United States experiment with representative democracy truly was. I say was because baring some spectacular events in the coming years that experiment is over. For most of recorded history a very small percentage of people controlled everyone else. Slavery was accepted even by the slaves, though it went by various names including, caste system, feudal system, roman catholisism. Whatever your parents were, however they lived, however they were treated, that was your lot in life. There was a .00x percent chance that by some miracle you would not die exactly as you were born. The United States of America, started out in the parlance of the times borrowing heavily from the ancient Greeks. The wealthy land owning white men would get together and decide how to best improve the country and maintain control of the population. Unimaginably, this population rose in spectacular fashion. Through learning and discovery, education and physical social networking, it gathered around and idea and the populous demanded they be included in this incredible experiment. The result was an explosion of innovation, the harnessing of the willpower of millions who were working toward a more perfect society in which everyone born on our soil had a chance through education and determination to live a life of meaning and comfort, free from the shackles of tyranny and oppression, able to actually dare to dream. Not only did people have these dreams enmass, but these dreams became attainable, and upon seeing this, people from around the world risked their lives pouring into this country to have an opportunity to better themselves, to accomplish, to be able to participate, and to foster the next evolution of humanity.

    The opportunity to have a say in who shaped your world and how it was shaped was worth dying for. People were killed in droves by those who didn’t want them to have a say in the process. Yet they came, they voted, and they shaped America. today, on average, only about 54% of eligible votes in presidential elections. 37% in midterm federal elections, and a significantly smaller portion in state and local elections. Our country is shaped by the collective of all of the local elections. Those elections shape the state elections, which shape the federal elections, which shape the nominee for president. We as a people are at fault for the dream failing. 90% of us really have little or no impact on how this country is run, or who the people running it represent. The tragedy is not their actions, it is that they work for us and we haven’t fired them. The tragedy is that we are so dulled, so intellectually obtuse, so complacent, that we can’t even get off the couch to mobilize as we see the world our recent ancestors fought so hard to create crumble before our eyes. We see the rights that were so hard to attain be striped away, we see the constitution striped of meaning by monetarily driven people, many of whom don’t even know what it says. Our freedoms have been eliminated so gradually, so subtly and with so much posturing and misinformation that we didn’t even protest. We are so desensitised to it now that they just past a law allowing the indefinite detainment of American Citizens without trial and we didn’t even protest. We don’t even take the time to find out anything about any of the people who actually affect our day to day lives. We base our decisions on rehearsed talking points, and poorly made attack adds, or who’s signs we see more of on the highway, and thats only the less than 25% of us who vote in local elections. Money bought our democracy, a system that at its core can not be purchased. It doesn’t matter how much money is thrown at politicians if those who take it don’t get to come back. It doesn’t matter how much money a campaign has if people actually started picking people at a local level and actually paid attention. If the pool you pull from isn’t corrupted because they have been vetted by their record by all of the American people, then the result isn’t ineffectual every single time.
    The system isn’t broken because the banks broke it, not because congress isn’t doing their job. Its not because the FED counterfeits trillions of dollars of currency to pay off the interest on money it owes that the US should never have borrowed. Its not the president, its not moral bankruptcy, abortions, gays, or wars. The system isn’t broken because corporate interests are too powerful or because government officials are corrupt. In fact, the system isn’t even broken. We are. We are complacent, uneducated, and unparticipatory. We blame everything on everyone yet we don’t even vote. We the people of the United States of America have failed ourselves and each other, we have taken hundreds of years of the pursuit of a more perfect union and the most incredible time of innovation in human history and turned it into a testament to human ineptitude, greed, sloth, and defeatism. Instead of complaining about the failings of the system, the corruption of government, or evil corporate empires, why don’t we just participate in our democracy. If we do then it will actually reflect what we the people believe. This fact is astonishingly, beautifully, powerfully simple, and yet we have forgotten. Its time to remember.

  2. william wallace says:

    When USA govt realized the power of the movie industry // in
    film people put out views in pointing out grave faults of govt.

    Such reponse by govt was cruel as was unjust // through a vile
    media campaign // writers directors actress as actor // accused
    of being communists whom were trying to bring the downfall of
    the USA govt whom were trying to destroy freedom / democracy.

    The result people blacklisted never to work again in the movie
    industry /the govt through appalling stealth cunning destroyed
    the right of people via media in having an independent opinion.

    USA govt took control of the movie output // thus the USA movie
    industry died shortly after birth //destined in producing absolute
    propaganda as other utter nonsense / of late decades / endless
    movies with no plot in one needing a working brain cell / movies
    of endless violence /// movies that being nought but advertizing
    for TOBACCO. MOVIES in main creating muslims as terrorists // in
    that they are trying to blow up trains / planes / buildings / etc etc
    thus to justify a USA in having a ever increasing military force in
    its gain of world domination // a journey where the USA in having
    abandoned international law being now above the law a law unto
    themselves able in doing as the please. // The result of such dire
    behaviour is an trail of death suffering worldwide / millions killed
    the destruction great // the injustice of the most appalling nature.

    There being a time of the distant past where govts perceived as
    servants of the people through the decades (even centuries) of
    political deceit corruption the situation having in reversed itself
    where it now a situation that the people are the servants of govt.

    In the case of USA govt they having long taken upon themselves
    in being a dire mixture of extreme right wing religious / belefs as
    ideas // which is backed by a military agenda of world domination.

    Over decades the media a tool for the republican party / in a dire
    24/7 republican media spin / with the most appalling brainwashing
    of late decades threat of terrorism but used as cover in stripping
    the people of all basic rights. The republican agenda so geared to
    war the social structure of the nation starved of funding it having
    fallen into decay. The nation brought to its knees in financial ruin
    millions now in poverty // the peoples protests meet with brutality
    an republican party having gone mad / turned upon its own people.

    The american people must come to their senses / restoring just
    govt // restoring international law // where the media being free.

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