5 Steps to Actually Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

The New Year is Coming

People are always expecting something great, colossal, or even “magical” to happen to them over a life time.

Trust me, I have seen this through first hand experiences, and I have come to the conclusion that waiting around for life to hand you something is only going to bring you major unhappiness.

With the New Year around the corner, millions of individuals are getting ready to make their New Years Resolutions. Every year people choose typical and repetitive resolutions. These include:

  • To quit smoking
  • To lose weight
  • To stop drinking alcohol
  • To join a gym and gain muscle (Gym owners love this time of year)

Over the years, all of these resolutions have developed negative connotations to them because many people fail automatically at them, or some people come so close that it makes it almost impossible to stick to.

But the reason all of these seem impossible is because the individuals who make these resolutions are expecting the New Year to stick to their goal for them. In reality, if you were to set this goal at any other point of the year, it would result in the SAME thing.

There are no magic powers that come with New Years, and in the end, it is up to YOU to reach YOUR goals. YOU have to find the willpower to achieve exactly what YOU want with YOUR new year.

One year can change a person’s life.

Whether it is spending more time with family, meeting a goal weight and becoming healthier, or even starting up a business you always dreamt of with a bunch of friends, it is all 100% possible. Having a positive mind-set can get you anywhere you want to be in life.

So how can we meet our New Years Resolution goals?

1. Do not cut your goals down to one specific line

For example,

” I want to lose 50 pounds” or ” I want to quit smoking cigarettes”.

I have found that this is the first crucial mistake that people make in setting a goal for the new year. Since a year is a very long time, you do not want to set one increment,instead you want to separate your goals. For example, ” I want to lose 2 pounds this week” or ” I want to cut smoking cigarettes down to 3 per week.”

Start Working Right Away!

This will be much more effective in achieving your goal, but not necessarily RIGHT away. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.


Cheating is a weakness that creeps up on you.

In the back of your mind your brain might be telling you, ” It’s only one cigarette” or “it’s only one cookie.”

If it really is in fact ONLY one, and it doesn’t seen like a big deal to have it, then it is not a big deal to reject it, right?

Exactly, so hold off and deal with it.

3. Make your goal PUBLIC

Lets be real, it is quite embarrassing to tell a lot of people your goal and fail at it.

Let’s be honest. Many people are hoping you fail out of human nature, but it is up to YOU to show them that you can stick to your word and that you are strong enough to change anything in your life.

In fact, once you start achieving your goal, you will see A LOT of jealousy out there just continuously hoping you fail, and it should only make you stronger and more willing to stick to your goals.

4. DO NOT make excuses

People tend to make excuses that help them cope with cheating or quitting at their goals.

” I’m way to stressed, I need a cigarette” or “I only smoke when I drink.”

Everyone uses these excuses, and they know it.

This shouldn’t help you cope with cheating, but it should make you feel mentally weak. Why even make a resolution if you plan on cheating anyway?

5. Lastly, Enjoy it!

Find the happiness in what you’re leaving behind. Stay positive and look closely at your main goal. Each week reward yourself with something you enjoy (not cheating) that will not affect your goal.

Stay strong, and realize that ultimately this is your life and YOU are changing it. And as annoying as this sounds, falling back into old habits is only hurting yourself in the end.

No one is going to meet your goal for you. You can do anything you want to do with your life.

With some willpower and common sense, anyone can reach any goal that they want to achieve.


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9 Responses to 5 Steps to Actually Accomplish Your New Years Resolution

  1. Rosie says:

    I love your “top 5” articles. Keep them coming!

  2. breakinbadd says:

    Im glad that one of the steps is helping you stick to your goals. Remember that you have FULL CONTROL over anything you want to do. Take control of your life. You can easily get rid of these problems with motivation,drive, and patience.

  3. Kimi says:

    I agree about making your goal public. I haven’t actually set goals yet, but I’ve identified my problems in my blog and I made them public. I set up an entire blog for my resolutions. It’s quite extreme but my problems are really bad and they have a serious impact on my life.

  4. Great article! And, if I might suggest, give yourself a reward after you reach a goal – just for that extra incentive!

  5. breakinbadd says:

    yes! thats the only way i achieve long term goals. I need to break it down into small goals and work from there. Pretty effective method.

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  7. tovah11 says:

    Great post! I have definitely stopped making New Years Resolutions. However, your idea of taking small steps is really good. Maybe I just feel I have too many resolutions to make.haha

  8. showard76 says:

    I don’t make resolutions, but have goals (small steps) all year round. What I do like to do for the New Year is a list of New Things I would ‘like’ to try for the year – this list can be amended as the year goes on, things I manage to try ticked off, new things added and new things I hadn’t thought of when making it but have done anyway are also added – then there’s a nice list of accomplishments at the end of the year 🙂

    • Great method! I find setting small goals with an eventual big long-term goal is the way to go. Once you gain confidence from achieving the small ones, the big ones almost seem too easy!

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