Communist North Korea Has A More Liberal Policy Towards Marijuana Than The United States

A declaration entitled “The Crackdown on Drug Use” was issued in Hoeryung and the rest of North Korea by the People’s Safety Agency. The declaration was posted on storefronts throughout NK and  states that “any drug users will face a firing squad should they be caught.”

The crackdown is only focused on meth. Marijuana and opium are not including in the declaration.

The declaration reflects that the number of drug users has dramatically increased in North Korea.

North Koreans have lost hope. Depressed by the reality that they are living. They would rather be happy under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately the wrong drug has been chosen.

Even middle school students are now openly using meth.

The North Korean government has surprisingly never controlled the use of opium or marijuana. Rather, they encouraged opium farms on abandoned land in order to earn foreign currency. Marijuana is cultivated along railroad tracks across the nation because it holds the railroads tight, with its deep roots, and contains oils that can be used for industrial purpose. Many gardeners grow opium in their own gardens to be used as a treatment for colitis.


Well, I guess that’s ONE thing North Korea has on the United States.

Legalize, Regulate, Educate, Medicate is what the United States has to do.


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22 Responses to Communist North Korea Has A More Liberal Policy Towards Marijuana Than The United States

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  2. Arif says:

    Hey I really appreciate this article and I can authenticate this report based on my visit there in 1982. Glad to know they didn’t go on a prohibitionist spree. The meth report is saddening though but I’m not sure if this article is exagerrated or not. The economic situation in NK was quite good in 1982, certainly leagues ahead of my country (India). In 1982, NK was a “medium end” first world country. Then the ardorous march hit in the 1990s where there was famine and mal nutrition till 2003 (USA declared the ardorous march over by 2003). I am sure quality of life is not as good as it was in 82 but last time I checked in the midst of the ardorous march, NK still had a HDI of .77. This is quite good! (U can google up that data).

    I am pretty sure some of the meth crisis may be a bit blown out of proportion. I mean I know that people use hard drugs even in my country at a young age. Even politicians bribe school age youths with hard liquor to post posters on political rallies.

    I dunno what it means like “to lose hope”….”hope” is dependent on ur perspective in life and in NK life can be extremely blissful or extremely stressful depending on u r point of view. If u expect rapid “career ladder progressions”, if u like to consume stuff and enjoy life’s luxuries in form of material comforts NK can be a dump hole. But if u r contended w.a govt approved flat, a modest meal of rice + 2 veggies (rural ration- but this is even staple diet in India), but u get to get stoned by the river w ur buddies no place can be as blissful on earth as NK. People there are also some of the most broad minded amazing folk I’ve ever met my entire life.

  3. BuelahMan says:

    Glad you stopped by my place. Brought me here. Great work!

  4. unclerave says:

    Both the Christian conservatives AND the Jim Crow mentality come into play with The U.S.’s policy on marijuana, but the force that trumps them both is . . . the Tobacco Industry! They are as bad as the Big Oil companies holding back alternative fuels.

    Thanks for sharing this, dieselpokers! And, thanks for the like.

    Your Uncle Rave

  5. dgermain says:

    And with the National Defense Authorization Act on the way, we might all face the firing squad for exercising our freedom of speech.

  6. IzaakMak says:

    Great post! Here’s something I wrote awhile back: Tolerance… Not! Drugs

  7. OyiaBrown says:

    Thanks for the ‘Like’.

  8. Ben Naga says:

    The U.S. insane “war on drugs” is in part simply a way of getting round the over-ruling of Jim Crow laws, a fact that is largely unmarked, largely noticed. Unless of course if you happen to be a black American

  9. edonthewayup says:

    I thought religion was the opiate of the people. It turns out it is Communism.

  10. spiritgeek says:

    Only one concern… It would be a real drag to live in a country where it was OK to smoke dope but then have no food to munch on later. You know how that goes. Munchies and marijuana go hand in hand.

    • Hahahaha what a great point! 🙂

    • Arif says:

      Munchies……….yeah u have a point there. U ain’t gettin no 4 by 4 animal style grilled onions w. a bucket of coke and large fries out there and ain’t nobody gonna serve u a t-bone steak. But if u can make do w/ rice + 2 vegetable dishes, u could get by munchies OK. Remember, ardorous march (the famine etc, from 1991-2003) doesn’t last forever just as great depression doesn’t last forever. US declared ardorous march over as per 2003.

  11. Adaobi Okwy says:

    North Korea fascinates me-as a country. I want 2 visit there even and just take a look 4 myself. But drugs- drugs…this is hart breaking!

    Thanx so much 4 following my blog!

  12. It’s beyond my understanding how natural herbs that have been used by people since forever can be put on same level as the chemichal ones.

  13. the closet is starting to seep-meth though–scary–brain damage!!!!
    by seeping I mean I been finding the strangest posts that looking rather benign are showing the bigger picture.

  14. Marc Winger says:

    Interesting that they recognize it for the non-issue it should be. Horrible that meth is such a problem.

  15. Bucky Dann says:

    North Korea doesn’t have to worry about placating Christian social conservatives who believe their values should control everyone. The timidity of President Obama has been a big disappointment.

    • Quite the disappointment. We live in a country full of lies, lies that won’t be able to exist once truth makes EVERYTHING crumble. It has already begun, look all around!! 🙂

      • TheTaoOfD says:

        zazenlife movement

        • I already love this blog, the stuff I’ve been reading here is fantastic. Thank you dieselpokers for keeping us updated on drug policy in North Korea. It is a terrifying concept that meth use is out of control, even with the most vulnerable youth of the society, but more so that a firing squad is your punishment. Education does have benefits. On the other hand, NK’s policy towards marijuana and opium is refreshing. It’s a sensible stance because objectively there really isn’t an issue. Good for them.

    • rawclyde009 says:

      But more dissappointing is his lack of back up from the left…

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