Religion is an Illusion

Now before all you religious fanatics get all defensive, I urge you to hear me out.

At its core, I believe all religions teach the same thing. Be a good person, treat other people well, and strive for peace in the world.

For many young children, religion is a great thing to attach yourself to, to build some strong moral values. The problem with religion arises when you grow older, and can finally pop the training wheels off to realize that it is all a lie and illusion to help sad, lonely people attach themselves to something.

I Don't Exist!

To say there is a “god” is certainly fine. We don’t know what the hell we are doing here and there is some obvious force or higher power regulating this whole thing.

I can tell you one thing however, it is not some dude with a beard in the sky.

Nor is it whatever any religion preaches as their “god.”

There is no god.

God isn’t a person.

God is everything.

You don’t have to believe something that was written in a book 5,000+ years ago, because that stuff is old. It’s old, and we have become smarter.

With the internet, we have access to information at light speed right at our fingertips.

If you research some quantum physics and start looking at the universe in a scientific nature, it is clear that there is no “person” or “god” controlling this whole thing.

God to me is absolutely everything you see around you. We are all connected in some strange way we probably will never be able to fully explain.

We are all energy.

We are all temporary.

We are all the SAME THING.

Detach the religious values you place on yourself and see we all have the same exact operating system.

We all need air, water, and food to survive.

We don’t need Jesus or Moses.

I don’t hate religion, I just don’t like the fact that religion creates lies and illusions of what life is really all about. We don’t need it. Pretty soon we won’t be able to tell lies. The truth is spreading, and its spreading like WILDFIRE.

Positive energy is infectious, I meet more and more people each day beginning to think the same way.

Eventually, we will all think the same way.

I believe the whole 2012 deal has to do with us as a MAJORITY moving toward a better cause.

I feel December of 2012 to be that massive consciousness shift. It doesn’t mean the world is going to end. It means the world AS WE KNOW IT will end because it can’t possibly exist once we all know and understand the truth.

Maybe the world will end.

Maybe we get sucked into a black hole.

Who the fuck knows.

All I know is that I have been infected with the truth, and I feel the need to share with everyone what my experience has been over the last few years. And I am only going to learn more as we go on.

I urge you to as well.


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19 Responses to Religion is an Illusion

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  3. I personally believe in a higher power and a life after this one. The view that if we keep trying to live positively so that we will somehow become better people hasn’t exactly proven true. And the idea that only the fittest should survive is believed only by people who have no children.

  4. sandrabranum says:

    I do not believe in Religion per se, but do believe in Something — energy, nature, whatever –and want to believe that we go on even if it’s just as energy because the alternative is too terrifying to comtemplate.

  5. Really, it’s the same old song and dance. Basically we’re all rebels with a deep-seated desire to shuck the community authority we grow up with. I do not see how having no official final authority, the Bible for instance upon which our laws are based for us Westerners, how we can hold one another accountable in love and peace, and still actually advance our civilization in a way that is higher than our basic instincts – the strong surviving at the expense of the weak.

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  7. Tim Doepfner says:

    life is ALL ABOUT enthusiasm and excitement.

  8. Bob Row says:

    I think you’re basically right; just a tad enthusiastic. As an “old” atheist, I invite you to some reflexive criticism I posted on the unnoticed failure in the way Hitchens and the “New Atheists” tried to deal with Religion in the context of Global Capitalism. Be well.

  9. Not a bad post, diesel, thanks for linking! I think in my own life, I have difficulty believing in the supernatural, which is why I’m not personally religious at this point in my life. However, I am definitely a humanist (and always have been, even in my religious upbringing). From a humanities perspective, however, religion is very important. Whether anyone is personally religious or not, I think it’s important to understand religion and what it provides on a very basic level. Nietzsche said God is dead. While religion is becoming less of an authority on medicine, science, and, in many cases, morality, one still has to ask big questions. Religion provides so much peace, comfort, and moral guidance to so many people. Whether it’s rational or not, you can’t ignore that. And, in my own studies, I have to ask what would make people behave morally if God (real or illusionary) didn’t tell them to do so. I don’t believe morality must necessarily come from God, but if “god is dead,” then where will moral authority come from?

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your post, and I’m a big fan of Hitchens (which is why I made the post). However, I still have my own questions that I have to seek answers for, and probably just come up with more questions. Luckily, I’m young. I’ve got plenty of time to “figure things out”

    Feel free to follow my blog! I’ll probably post about religion every now and then as it is such a big issue these days.

  10. Wish I could double “like” this post. Well done.

  11. nyrdubs says:

    Most religion is indeed a good thing, whether it is an illusion or not, because it gives people hope of something to believe in for acting in a POSITIVE way. There are so many programs and community outreach programs sponsored by churches and whatnot which in the end do help the community. Overall, in Christianity for example the ten commandments really are just 10 ways to live a more POSITIVE life. So in the end most religions are just all about being POSITIVE with underlying potentially fiction based facts, but i still believe they are good for helping people establish a moral ground.

  12. grantahelms says:

    Thanks for the comment on my Blog. As you requested, I came into this open-mindedly and I appreciate the thoughts of others. Though I cannot consciously accept your theory, I WILL agree to disagree. My beliefs are just that, and I will not argue or try to force you to believe the same thing that I do. However, I will continue to pray for you and others, that you WILL see the truth. If religion is a lie, doing good to and for others, then why over the last 50 years, since religion has been pulled from school and other public places, has crime increased 62%? Maybe you don’t believe religion the way that I do, but the facts do not lie. God Bless You, Grant

    • Thanks for stopping by. One of the problems I have with the education system is how it is run. School doesnt teach you how to manage your life. Reading a history book doesnt show you how to be a positive person and how to treat others. They are training us to be drones and work for the big corporations that in the end, are run by the same people that run the government. Our whole society is hypocricy and religion is too. There are too many lies and illusions too look past when a majority of the country is THINKING INSIDE THE BOX. God bless!!!!! 😉

  13. Steve Tanner says:

    “Eventually, we will all think the same way.”

    Doesn’t this sound pretty boring? Are you saying, “Resistance is futile, all will be assimilated”?

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