Jim Caldwell Will be Fired

Jim Caldwell will be unemployed in 2012

Can you make a case for Jim Caldwell to keep his job for the 2012 season? Neither can I. The Colts are 0-13, unless they show any heart (winning their next 3 games), I cannot imagine Caldwell keeping his job.

I know Peyton Manning is hurt, but you cannot excuse the pathetic play of the Colts in the 2011 campaign, Bill Belichek lost Tom Brady for the whole 2008 season,yet he managed his way to an 11-5 record with a quarterback that did not take snap in his NFL OR COLLEGE Career. Manning’s injury was well documented before the season even began, yet the Colts seemed completely unprepared to play without Manning. This falls on Head Coach Jim Caldwell and the Front Office. The Colts are a proud franchise and rightfully so, The Colts have dominated the NFL for the past decade, so losing should not be tolerated and especially to this degree.

What makes this losing streak even worse is that the Colts did not even try to modify their play without Manning. It almost looks as if they were like content with completely with keeping their same offensive philosophy. Yet their philosophy was completely revolved around Manning, how can you keep playing the same type of offense when the person calling the shots IS NOT PLAYING? This is a terrible job of coaching by Caldwell.

There is a saying that the NFL stands Not For Long, and it should not be long before Caldwell is unemployed. You cannot excuse his performance this season just because Peyton Manning is out.

The Colts have a unique opportunity to rebuild in one year. Think about it, you can clean house in the coaching department, draft Andrew Luck, trade manning for valuable defensive help, and you instantly have rebuilt your franchise in one year.

This process usually takes teams 3-4 years and the Colts can do it in ONE.

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