Top 5 Signs You Are Addicted To Facebook

Facebook has become a regular part of millions of Americans daily routines.

Most users of Facebook visit the site at least 5 times a day, and update their status almost every time they visit. This social networking site is consuming a large part of an average American’s day, and it is making Americans more lazy than they originally were. It seems to be just as addicting as any drug you can think of.

Facebook is a great way to share news,events and pictures with your friends/family from all over the world, but it starts to get irritating when people trace every step they take on Facebook. No one cares that you are at Starbucks in Manhattan having a Coffee with your friends from school, or that you are walking from your car to the gym.

We call these people FACEBOOK ADDICTS suffering from FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder).

It might be time to realize that you are addicted, and it is consuming way to much of your life. So put down your smart phone,  step away from your Facebook accounts and take a look at these 5 signs proving that you might suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder.

1. Updating your status every time you change locations

No one really cares where you are at all times. Changing your status a couple of times a day is perfectly fine, but when you update your status 10 times an hour you have a serious issue. I’ve seen some crazy sequences of status updates starting from where the person is eating, how long they waited on-line for their food, how good the food was, and how fat they feel after they ate the food.

Why can’t everyone just stick to one status a day that summarizes what happened? Even two status’ to split up the day would be perfectly fine.

2. Updating your status while you are driving

“HAHA I am doing 60  in a 20 mph zone”.

I recently saw this status on my news feed and could not believe it. Like are you really that stupid? You are that concerned about what others think to the point that you risk your own life to make that crucial update. We get it, your cool. You drive fast. Please get off of your Facebook and watch the road.

3. When your direct family members find out about your big news through Facebook.

I’ve actually been told a story about how a mother found out about her sons engagement through Facebook. Before telling anyone ( like his parents,siblings or grandparents) he posted the big news on his status. So when he went to tell his mother about the news, she had already read about it. I find it pathetic that our society has come to this.

The same thing goes for pregnancy. I read a funny news article about how a woman announced her pregnancy on Facebook.

Why is this funny?

Because she forgot to tell her parents and HUSBAND before posting it on Facebook! How inconsiderate can you be?

Yes, Facebook is a huge step in communication, but have the decency and respect to let your loved ones know about big news before you tell the world.

4.  Taking pictures of serious injuries

Posting a verbal update about an accident you might have gotten into is one thing, but when you post pictures of your injuries you are going way to far. You just got into an accident, you’re in the ambulance, and  you’re…taking pictures to post on Facebook?

This actually makes me laugh out loud when I think of it.

First they post the picture of the injury, and then the caption reads, ” Just got into a car accident, check out the bone sticking out of my leg.”

I know Facebook may have taken over your very addictive personality, but just remember that health and safety come first, not Facebook.

5. Analyzing your Facebook account while your hanging out with someone in person

How aggravating is this?

When you’re talking to someone and all that they are doing is staring at their mobile Facebook. It’s obvious that you are not paying attention to the person talking to you. Just saying “yea” and nodding your head yes does not mean you are listening. It means you are brain washed by Facebook and you have a serious addiction.

When you are hanging out with your friends, family or partner, give them your full attention. Those Facebook updates will be there when you get home later on.

If after reading this you realize that you suffer from at least 2 of these symptoms, you are in fact a Facebook addict. Try to focus more on reality and use your Facebook like a normal human being should.


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10 Responses to Top 5 Signs You Are Addicted To Facebook

  1. breakinbadd says:

    lol alot of people are addicted to facebook. Its better to be addicted to facebook and not be addicted to something much worse.
    and yes facebook can cause employers to think twice about hiring you.
    great points.

    mysterycheese is the man.

  2. Ugh your right! I have about 3 of the 5 you posted, I’m on everyday and usually check my phone constantly even right before I go to bed! I’m majorly addicted and do try hard to take time away from it regularly.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. All the reason why I chose to shut my account DOWN, for good. It’s bad enough some employers use it as a make or break it decision if they would like to hire you. Just imagine, my pot-smoking cousin sending me pics of his weekend session, meanwhile Joe Blow at XYZ Company refers to my FB and does not hire due to the posts on my page. . .

  4. mysterycheese45 says:

    this is 100% true Facebook is so easy to access now days. Heres when it gets out of hand. Facebook has gave birth to a new portal into the digital universe with the integration of the iphone app. This gives all members the ability to post locations based on GPS locations as well as instant posting access at your fingertips.
    What facebook doesnt advertise is what the excessive posting has on your rep( or true identity)
    When i first began using the app I instant felt the pull of what BREAKINBADD DESCRIBES AS “the addiction”.
    The “FAD” became very clear to me and more embarassingly to others. when my own posts exceeded the amount in incoming and new posts from others.

    Great Point.. Better Post.. Keep up the good work. ill continue checking in (y)

  5. What a relief! I was nervous that when I read the article I’d have all five “symptoms” but luckily I have none. <3 Thank goodness. 😀 Cute article.

  6. breakinbadd says:

    yea I was off facebook for a while too. I dont think I was ever addicted though. I would play poker on facebook alot like last year but I did not suffer from any of these symtoms lol

  7. TheTaoOfD says:

    solid post

  8. f-stop mama says:

    Great post,. Ironically this morning I was just thinking about how I have stepped away from Facebook over the last few months. It has been wonderful. There was a time I would find myself getting slightly stressed that I couldn’t keep up with status updates (it was becoming a full time job but no money was earned). I finally got a hold of myself and just left it. I would check in once a week and now I couldn’t tell you the last time I checked facebook status updates. I don’t miss it at all. Instead I find the world of blogging to be much more interesting AND informative. So if I spend a couple of hours in the blogging world I feel like I walk away with actual knowledge instead of Jennifer made cookies today 🙂

    • hahaha so true, the only reason we use facebook now is to HAWK their traffic and direct it to our site, a better source of information and content. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Dude! Sick post! I just posted it on my Facebook!!!! weeeeeee!!! *snorts another FB line*

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