Cracking Quentin Tarantino’s Universe

Quentin Tarantino

If you are a big Tarantino fan, you probably have realized that all of his movies (directed, written or both) are a vast interlocking parallel reality.

Ranging from Pulp Fiction all the way to From Dusk Till Dawn, Tarantino offers a variety of exciting movies that in some way interlock with each other.

His style has become very popular in the Entertainment business, and young directors are following it.  Everyone knows him for directing out of sequence. He starts his movie off at the end, and then he leaves you hanging off a cliff  when the movie ends up where it began( Pulp Fiction and the unknown suitcase).  Everything that he does is basically the complete opposite of what other directors do, and this is what makes him so successful.

Even his camera angles are different. For example, my favorite angle that he uses is from inside the trunk of a car. He uses this camera angle in at least three of his movies. If you have seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, you probably remember these scenes very distinctively because of their uniqueness.

Now let me focus on the interlocking universe within his movies.

1. Characters are related, but they are in different movies

I’m sure all of you remember John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction named Vincent Vega.  He was a bad-ass partnered up

John Travolta and Samuel Jackson star in the movie Pulp Fiction

with (Samuel Jackson) in search of a suitcase that was stolen. Tarantino explained in an interview that Vincent Vega is Vic Vegas brother.

Vic Vega was one of the characters in his movie Reservoir Dogs. Every other character’s code name (Mr.Pink Mr.White etc.) was used distinctively, but not Vic’s. Everyone who saw this movie probably remembers the name Vic Vega more than any other name.

This was Tarantino’s way of planning out his connections in both of these movies.

One of his newest movies called Inglorious Bastards has completed another connection. Tarantino made it clear that  The “Bear Jew” Donny Donowitz was the father of Lee Donowitz from his earlier movie True Romance.

2. The same actors play different roles in different movies, but in an IRONIC way.

My favorite example of this is how he used actor Steve Buscemi in two of his films. Buscemi played “Mr.Pink” in  Reservoir Dogs. In a famous scene, Mr.Pink is chastised for not tipping the waiter in a restaurant.

One day while watching Pulp Fiction for the 100th time, I realized that Steve Buscemi ironically played the waiter in the scene where John Travolta and Uma Thurman are on a date. I believe Tarantino did this on purpose for his true fans to catch.

3. Tarantino sticks with old fashion accessories

You will never see a CD player or DVD player in any of  his movies. He stays loyal to Cassette players and record players. For example, in Pulp Fiction, Mia (Uma Thurman) is seen putting the needle on a record player. This exact scene also happened in the movie Jackie Brown. All of his movies take place in the past, and it seems like he will never upgrade to the new technology. I honestly like this style of directing.

4. Some of his movies share the same quotes

“Are we absolutely clear on rule number one?”

This line is used by Buck in Kill Bill Volume 1, and it is also used by Seth Gecko from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. The scenes that these quotes are used in are very popular scenes, and once again I believe Tarantino did this for his true fans to realize. It may not seem relevant to his directing universe, but it is one of his main methods of connecting his movies.

“Okay ramblers lets get rambling!”

This is another line from the movie From Dusk till Dawn, and it is used in the exact same way in the movie Reservoir Dogs. Mr.Pink screams this at a meeting with the other Reservoir Dogs in a very intense scene.

I’m sure there are a lot more examples of how Quentin Tarantino connects his movies in his own universe. His methods of directing are so unique and it really makes him stand out.

When I listed my top 10 favorite movies, I realized he directed 5 of them (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill volume 1 and Inglorious Bastards)

His talent is unbelievable, and I suggest that everyone take time out to watch ALL of his movies.


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7 Responses to Cracking Quentin Tarantino’s Universe

  1. geekalert says:

    Watched ‘Die Hard with a Vengence’ last night (sad but true!). Bruce Willis’s character says he wishes he was at home ‘smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo’ ring any bells?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tranatino isnt unique or original in the slightest….dont get me wrong i like his movies infact id go as far to say that pulp is up ther with some of my favs but he is not that original, he rips off movies all the time and not even in a post modern kind of did u catch that little tip of the hat….for example kill bill is a rip from lady snowblood and one eye…Resevoir dogs came out after a hong kong movie called city of fire which was the exact same movie he even ripped of the exact same shots and everythin! The whole start at the end and retell has been around for ages aswell take a look a rashomon. anyway like i said its not that i hate his movies but dont give a man props he dont deserve!
    oh and he didnt direct from dusk that was Robert Rodriguez.

    • breakinbadd says:

      I respect your opinion.
      I never said he directed From Dusk Till Dawn, but he actually did HELP direct it. He wrote the screen play which is a huge part of the movie, and this is how he got to insert is connections.

      I have to disagree with you about him not being unique or original, but I do respect what you are saying and I can tell you have good knowledge of movies. I am a huge fan of movies (mostly horror), but I think Tarantino deserves a lot of credit.

      He may have used some ideas from others, but he sure did it a lot better (look at his success).
      I wouldnt say he rips off movies

      He will go down as one of the best directors,screenplay writers. My favorites being George Romero and Tarantino.

  3. breakinbadd says:

    Yes Vic Vega did have a code name, but his real name was emphasized MUCH more than any of the others.
    And yes I am also aware that Tarantino did not direct From Dusk Till Dawn. I stated that I will be discussing movies that Tarantino Directed AND wrote.
    The red apple ciggs are another connection in his universe along with many more.
    Without a doubt my favorite DIRECTOR/WRITER.

  4. Hillbillyboy says:

    Good stuff, but two things:

    1) Vic Vega did indeed have a codename: Mr. Blonde
    2) Tarantino didn’t direct From Dusk ‘Til Dawn; Robert Rodriguez did (Tarantino wrote the screenplay, though)

    Another thing that ties his universe together are Red Apple cigarettes:

    – Bruce Willis buys a pack in Pulp Fiction
    – Mia Wallace has a pack at Jack Rabbit Slim’s
    – a pack is shown in Four Rooms
    – there’s an airport ad for them in Kill Bill: Volume 1
    – I’m pretty sure a pack is featured in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, but I haven’t seen it in a while so I’m not 100%

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