Would Aliens Pose a Threat to Planet Earth?

Aliens may live in the Universe

The universe has billions of galaxies

Hollywood Portrays aliens in a variety of ways.

Because of movies such as  “Alien”, “Predator” , “E.T.”, “Mars Attacks” and “Paul”, all human beings have a different perspective of what an Extraterrestrial looks and behaves like.

Some may try to take over the Earth, while others are friendly visitors trying to find their way home.  Either way, there should be no questioning whether these aliens exist or not. If you are a non believer, go outside and look up before you read the rest of this. Look up into the sky and think to yourself, “where does it end”.


The most current estimates guess that there are 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the Universe, each of which has hundreds of billions of stars. To think that we are the only living things in this enormous Universe is absolutely ignorant. The Mediocrity principle says that there is nothing special about life on earth. We could have had encounters with aliens already and we just don’t know it.

Scientists have an idea of possible  life on planets such as Venus and mars, and Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus.

NASA also believes there may be  life on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

NASA Planning for a Possible Landing attempt on Europa.

Jupiters moon called Titan

Jupiter's moon "Titan" has a dense atmosphere similar to Earth

Whether or not these extraterrestrials are ever going to visit Earth is a different story. Traveling through space is extremely difficult for human beings, so it probably wouldn’t be any easier for them. Unless they are much more technologically advanced than us , making it here would be very difficult. I honestly believe that there are more intelligent species out there than us. The odds are very slim of humans being the most intelligent and advanced species in the universe.

So what if aliens did reach our planet? What would be their reason for visiting? 

Some Scientists believe that they can simply be just as curious as us. Visiting just to see what else is out there. These scientists have a positive perspective on aliens. According to these positive thinkers, Befriending these aliens is extremely important to the human race.  They believe that we would benefit from an alien encounter. If they are more advanced than us, maybe they would teach us their ways. They can help us advance technologically, culturally and even defensively.

These scientists believe that if we interact with aliens, we can take our first steps towards creating colonies outside of Earth. This may be crucial for the survival of the human race in the future. The future of our society can possibly depend on us having alternative locations for the human race when Earth becomes unlivable (Global Warming, shortage of resources, disease etc.).

This theory is basically explaining that both aliens and humans can possibly benefit from each other.

Than there is the scientists that have the negative perspectives of an alien encounter on Earth, most importantly, physicist Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking is easily known as one of the most intelligent human beings on the planet despite suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Stephen Hawking on aliens

Stephen Hawking

Hawking believes that humans should fear aliens.

He believes that “extraterrestrial life almost certainly exists, and humans should be extremely cautious about interacting with it”. He suggests that aliens might raid earth for all of its resources and then move to the next one.

In Stephen Hawkings’ show “Into the Universe” he states that:

we only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”

He compared an alien encounter to when Christopher Columbus’ first landed in America, with us obviously being the Native Americans.

Hawking also argued that we must colonize space in order to survive. He believes that :

“Sooner or later disasters such as asteroid collisions or a nuclear war could wipe us all out, but once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe.” 

We are not sure how extraterrestrial beings would behave if they landed on earth, but what we should all believe is that they exist.

The only way these questions will be answered is if it becomes reality, and I hope I’m here to experience it.


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9 Responses to Would Aliens Pose a Threat to Planet Earth?

  1. says:

    Nice… thanks for sharing this info as we should all share our info..
    Aaaahhh…. That is the question, is it not? (wanted to share the following….)

    Do Aliens Exist?

    Snippet of article on this subject matter for any that hold interest in this subject matter:

    Advanced beings, also known as aliens, do exist! The truth about aliens or advanced beings (defined by these names, simply… because they have developed advanced technology) which may be better defined as “other dimensional technology”.

    These advanced being-aliens are not from the future. Time travel for them and all beings, for that matter, is impossible regardless of the technology that they possess.

    To read article in its entirety….

  2. Carl says:

    I agree with the article written , I honestly believe that ” the Creator of the Universe ” spread different intelligent species across the universe , but He separated us by great distances because we would treat ” aliens ” the same way that we treat ourselves . “Aliens ” are probably ” just like us ” in that they have the same moral problems and delemmas just like we do! Even in our advancements , we’re still basically the same , so ” aliens wouldn’t be much different! So I believe that God put these great distances between the ” species ” so that we couldn’t destroy one another! The races capable of overcoming their destructive natures , I believe , eventually are ” allowed ” to achieve advanced technology where you would be able to travel beyond one’s own solar neighborhood ! There’s still a spiritual neighborhood to go to , and we still have to prepare for it !

  3. Steve Tanner says:

    “we only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet”

    He may look funny to some, but he is apparently an intelligent human being with depth that I wasn’t aware of until reading this post. This quote is too funny!

  4. breakinbadd says:

    yea, they want nothing to do with us. And signs is a pretty creepy movie lol.
    Although I would love to be here when we encounter aliens!

  5. I’m okay with not being around… just watched Signs the other night… honestly if they’re coming here, it’s probably not good. If they have the technology to find us before we find them, then they are easily able to hurt or destroy us…. nice article, btw…

    • I think if they wanted to find us and help us, they would have already. We are such a dumb race that we don’t deserved to be helped, we gotta get ourselves outta this mess lol.

  6. yeah, there are some theories that we have been cross-breeded with aliens that came here in the past but WHO THE FUCK knows really lol its all too crazy.

  7. you should do an article called, Is Stephen Hawking an Alien. I mean just look at that pic of him….

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