Combat Ki : Withstand Strikes to Vital Body Parts

Combat Ki is a new marital art style designed mainly for people to take strikes to vital parts of the body and not sustain any injuries.

These men go through five years of very difficult and painful training. Taking kicks,punches and chops to the throat and testicles takes a toll on their bodies, but now not even a 240 pound MMA fighter can phase them.

Watch this MMA fighter go for the kill on one of these Combat Ki Trainers.

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2 Responses to Combat Ki : Withstand Strikes to Vital Body Parts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you at least tell me how to learn it because there are no karate people to teach me at least tell me how mma’s do it or karate people too,because i dont know anything about it the only thing i know about that they train for it and they dont fell any pain so thats the only two things i know. There are karate people and mma people but they dont teach combat ki.So can tell me a few tricks just to keep me going.

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