Wayne and Mathis’ future with Colts in Jeopardy

Reggie Wayne grabs a Touchdown with one hand

All that Indianapolis Colt fans are hearing about are rumors of what will happen with the Peyton Manning/Andrew Luck dilemma. This is 100% the most important decision for the Colts in the offseason, but we are forgetting about the other superstars that will become free agents.

Although they may seem irrelevant because of the Colts  0-12 record this season, WR Reggie Wayne and DE Robert Mathis are a huge part of Peyton Mannings’ success.

Pro Bowler Reggie Wayne has been one of the most consistently electric wide receivers in the NFL for the last 8 seasons. Since 2004, he has surpassed 1,000 yards receiving every season, and has a total of 60 TD catches. He plays a very significant role in the Colts dynamic offense and his free agency situation should not be taken lightly.

After Marvin Harrison retired, Reggie Wayne became Mannings “go to guy” and their success (along with Bob Sanders amazing playoff performance) won them a Super bowl.

Reggie Wayne becomes a free agent after this season, and there is a chance that the Colts will not give him the money he deserves. If the Colts end up taking Andrew Luck and also keeping Peyton Manning they will be spending ALOT of money already.

Same goes for Defensive End Robert Mathis.

Another Pro Bowl caliber player that the Colts NEED to pay. I honestly feel that he is more valuable than Reggie Wayne as of now. Mathis and Dwight Freeney are the ENTIRE colts defense and without them the Colts may go win-less WITH Peyton Manning (Not really, but you know what I mean).

Robert Mathis

Since 2004, Robert Mathis has a combined 80 sacks. He has 4 seasons with more than 1o sacks and 37 career forced fumbles.

These stats are a main factor of the colts success in this decade, and they will need to atleast sign one of these guys. I would prefer Robert Mathis simply because Manning has proved that he can make any receiver into a play maker. No Disrespect to Reggie Wayne but Mathis is more valuable.

The decision on signing Mathis OR Wayne also depends on what quarterback the colts decide on having. If they decide to take Andrew Luck and drop Manning, Reggie Wayne would be more valuable. If they decide to start Manning for the next couple of years, Robert Mathis would be of more value.

All of these questions will be answered during the offseason, but as a Colt fan it is hard not to think of our future right now.

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