PED’s Rear its Ugly Head in Baseball… Again

PED’s or Performance Enhancing Drugs are the sole reason why Baseball has fallen out of favor with me as I grew older. However, I realized my love for baseball was at its height in the mid 90’s – early 2000’s, which is now known as the Steroid Era, the more I look back at those days, the angrier I become, we were all cheated, all of the fans of Baseball were cheated, yet we cheered on at the time without knowing.

Now we know, and just when you think Baseball can finally turn the chapter from this Steroid era that has plagued the games’ credibility and honesty to it fans, it hits and hits hard.

Brewers Outfielder and NL MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs and was broke to the media today.


Braun tested positive for excessive amounts of testosterone, another test showed the testosterone was synthetic (not produced by his body). He learned this a month before he was awarded the MVP award and knew he could be facing suspension. Yet we were not told? Braun’s MVP should be stripped from him IMMEDIATELY, anyone that has been caught (and proven) to have used PED’s should have their awards stripped from them.

Braun led the Brewers to their first division title in 30 years, and before the season signed a contract extension for 5 years, $150 Million. Braun’s numbers this year were outstanding; He led the NL in Slugging PCT at .597 with a .332 BA, 33 Home Runs, 111 RBI’s, and 33 Stolen Bases. Definitely, MVP caliber numbers, but now with this positive test, I throw these numbers out and so should everyone else.


You are one of the bright young stars in the MLB, WHY TAKE PED’s? Was it the pressure of signing a new contract? Even if it was, that is a terrible excuse, or did you “not knowingly take them?” I can’t help but laugh at that. You MUST KNOW what YOU put in YOUR BODY, and seeing what happen before you with Clemens, Bonds, Sosa, McGuire, A-Rod, I mean this is inexcusable. I feel bad for Brewer fans; you lose Fielder, now you lose Braun for the first 50 games of next season.  Way to start strong in 2012 right?

Major League Baseball needs to do something about testing these players. However, I fear they are absolutely terrified to go to blood testing. Blood testing would not only reveal Steroids, but reveal HGH (Human Growth Hormones). HGH cannot be tested for under the current Drug Policy (MLB does only Urine, HGH requires blood samples).

I think if Baseball started testing for HGH, the cloud it would cast over the MLB would be so terrible for the game that Baseball could literally lose majority of their fan base. If you thought the “Mitchell Report” was bad, I fear this could be immensely worse. Fans will demand better testing, but we better be careful what we ask, because we might get it and it will be UGLY.


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5 Responses to PED’s Rear its Ugly Head in Baseball… Again

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  2. Lonny Wactor says:

    Your original take on this topic has me thinking about many of the points you shared in this article. This is great content with substance.

  3. Chris Ross says:

    Nice post. This is just an amazing story. Manny Ramirez was something but Ryan Braun is right in the prime of his career getting caught. And to come off an MVP season and have this cloud it is unbelievable. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Ryan Braun and what kind of precedent the MLB sets in this kind of case. What a blow to a the MLB after so much success with their drug program. Who knows who else is out there on the juice. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d love to hear what you have to say

  4. TheTaoOfD says:

    Damn, man. Baseball is so tarnished. Who’s next? Could you imagine if it’s Jeter? Baseball should just stop being a sport if that happens…

  5. 2r2d says:

    Very sad news for baseball again.

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