Jets New Quarterback in 2012? Peyton Manning to Jets Rumors!

Jets need to grab Manning

The inconsistency of  Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets offense has a lot of people wondering how much longer Rex Ryan will let “Sanchise ” take the snaps.

This may sound crazy because Sanchez did make two AFC championship games, but his early career success can easily be because of their amazing defense.

With Darrel Revis eliminating opponents best weapons, and their linebackers consistently stuffing the run, Mark Sanchez is given a simple job, DO NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES. This has seemed pretty difficult for him though.

He throws CRUCIAL interceptions and makes terrible reads on a weekly basis. He does have some good games, but you can’t only have some good games to win a Super Bowl.

And now with the defense not even close to what it was last year (Tebowed) and their running game much less dangerous without Ladanian Tomlinson, they are starting to rely  more on Sanchez, and it hasnt been so pretty.

Shotty isn’t helping either. GIVE THE JOB TO TOM MOORE! (Especially if Peyton becomes a Jet).

Sanchez has been a hit or miss all season and pretty much his entire career. The jets chances of being a Super Bowl contender in the next few years are decreasing because of rising rookie stars and successful pass first offenses.

Now this is where you jet fans can get excited!!

Hall of fame Wide Receiver and ESPN analyst Cris Carter also believes that Sanchez does not have what it takes to bring New York a Super Bowl.

He stated that he no longer believes Mark Sanchez is the short-term or long term answer for Gang Green. Carter emphasized that in the NFL you need to be able to score a lot of points with this pass-first league, and Mark just does not do it.

So Carter offered a wild suggestion to Rex Ryan.

Pull the trigger Rex


Say the Colts do pick Luck in the 2012 NFL draft, many people believe both Peyton and Luck cannot be on the same team.

It may seem only right to have Luck watch Peyton Manning for a couple of years, but Luck is ready to start his career on day 1.

Luck is already a mature pocket style QB and he is the type that should start right off the bat. If this is the case is Peyton Manning going to ride the colts bench? YEA OK.

scenarios for Peyton Manning in 2012

Peyton can be looking for a new home in 2012 and there is a chance it can be in NEW YORK. The Jets did acquire Peyton Manning’s long time offensive coordinator and mentor Tom Moore.

As a colt fan, I know how important Tom Moore was to Peyton Manning, and if he does have a new home next year, it will be with Tom Moore.

Take a chance to simply Imagine the jets with Peyton Manning, because it can be possible if Rex Ryan can get over Mark Sanchez.

Dustin Keller would become one of the leagues best Tight Ends, and Santonio Holmes could possibly lead the league in Receiving (Dont forget about Plax). Manning has never had a good defense to get him the ball for a majority of the game, but the Jets offer him that.

If Peyton does have another 3-4 years left in him, he can easily win a couple of Super Bowls with that Jets team. If his bonus of $28 million dollars is delayed. or he is released, look for a trade or pickup by the Jets. IT CAN HAPPEN.

Not to mention Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon and others are also free agents and can follow.

If Peyton Manning lands in New York, the city has to prepare for a Super Bowl parade or two.

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19 Responses to Jets New Quarterback in 2012? Peyton Manning to Jets Rumors!

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  2. J.D. says:

    Somebody is spamming a link to this all over different sports blogs in spambot fashion.

    If this isn’t being done by your staff, hope whoever it is cuts it out; I’d hate to see this site get blacklisted for being linked in spam.

  3. devonbarta says:

    I’m a huge Manning fan and hadn’t even considered this a possibility. I can’t imagine him ending his career in anything but a Colts’ uni. But this is a very interesting take on the situation. I think the whole Luck/Manning controversy is silly … I don’t see why there’s such a huge rush to start a rookie, and I believe his talents would only improve by taking a year or two to study under one of the best of the best.

    As a side note, I sincerely hope Sanchez sticks with it and continues to improve, if for no other reason than for a few more magazine spreads …

    ~ Devon
    Reading with Joey

    PS … Thanks for liking my site! I’m really digging yours as well … Great work here!

    • Doug Crowley says:

      Once you get Manning the only thing that will be missing is a Head Coach that can win that big game.

  4. quinersdiner says:

    I’d hate to see Peyton go. I want to see him finish up with the Colts. Thought-provoking article.

  5. tom says:

    Is it too late for Sanchez to go back for his final year at USC?

  6. Peyton Manning to NY? Really? So he and Eli could tear up Manhattan together? The Hoosier nation weeps.

  7. norcalvol says:

    Two Mannings in NY. Stupendous. I will become a Jets follower if big brother goes to the big apple. Yes sir.

  8. smokingskull says:

    It’s be good for the league for the Jets to be strong and the star power of Peyton to be in New York and with a fresh start. Colts aren’t so good right now.

  9. breakinbadd says:

    thanks! I am a colt fan so i would not really want to see it happen lol. It would be great for the jets tho. Holmes would become top 5 in the league.

  10. fullback23 says:

    This is as great post! As a Peyton Manning fan, I have thought about this very topic and it is an no brainer. Peyton throwing to Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes with aTight End and a running game would be scary!

    Would love to see it happen.

  11. 18chronicles says:

    I cannot agree more… I hate that there is a chance Peyton has to leave Indy. I became an Indy fan because of peyton, not the other way round. But the Colts have cost Manning so many SuperBowls by being just BAD!!! Bad in special teams, running game and Defense…. and now they want LUCK to lead them to Superbowls?? if those areas are not fixed, good LUCK really … Peyton to jets makes a lot of sense, Ryan Loves Peyton and hates playing against him. And yes, Tom Moore…Peyton treats him like a father. With the other facets of the team, the Jets will kill anybody! Yes, bottomline, both Manning & Jets need another ring or two….. I personally believe if Peyton has to leave, the Jets will be the 1st bet. AND, dont forget about the ratings peyton & eli…. both in NY. However, this may or may not be a plus for the Manning Brothers…. other than that, MANNING TO JETS & CRUSH THE PATS & STEELERS!! Jets have no problem killing the Pats, and Peyton has no problem killing the Stealers…so match made in heaven.

  12. jl1twelve says:

    Hey guys, thanks for following my blog! I’ll be sure to keep my eye on your posts. Feel free to shout me out if you ever post anything on football betting.

  13. Eric Chaump says:

    I’m a die hard Jets fan and I’ve always said that Mark Sanchez is keeping them out of the Super Bowl. Judging by what happened to the Colts this season, I could only imagine what Peyton could do for the Jets. The Jets, in my opinion, lack a true leadership role and I think Peyton would be great to fill that hole. Excellent post!

    • Tony says:

      Manning could have been a Jet in 1997, but opted to stay in school and take his chances with whoever got the #1 pick the following year. He doesn’t want to play for them.

      Just because Rex Ryan likes and respects him, doesn’t mean the opposite is true. At this point, Manning has earned the right to say whether he wants traded to a certain team, and the Colts management will respect that. If he gets cut from Indy to save cap space, he can either gracefully retire, or sign with a team of his choosing, but I have zero doubts that he will never play for the Jets.

      • breakinbadd says:

        I am from Newyork, but have been a die hard colt fan since Marshal Faulk was a rookie on the Colts and Jim Harbaugh was the Quarterback.

        The last thing I would want to see is Peyton Manning on the Jets. If he’s not on the Colts, i dont want to see him anywhere else.

        Do you think he will retire or make a comeback?

  14. Lelia Zadina says:

    good work, continue the great website.

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