No Way Jose!


Yeah that’s right, a Met Fan applauding General Manager Sandy Alderson for letting Reyes walk. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow Met fans, but if you didn’t think there was a good chance of Reyes leaving town, than you’re just completely ignorant.


Reyes signed a 6 year $104 Million contract with the Miami Marlins, (newly crowned worst logo/jersey in baseball). Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply saddened to watch Reyes walk, especially to a division rival, especially to a team that hasn’t spent this amount of money in the past 14 off-seasons COMBINED. Yeah, doesn’t get much worse right? Nope, apparently the Mets didn’t even offer Reyes a contract.

However, let’s look at this strictly from a business perspective, i.e. Sandy Alderson. Would you give a $100 Million contract to a leadoff guy with hamstring issues and that has been the core of your team that has not competed for the past 4 seasons and has been a part of one of the worst monumental collapses in MLB history?

As fans we get attached to players, especially home-grown players, but us Met fans need to be smart. The writing was on the wall, we have been hearing it all year with the Mets financial troubles, and it was no secret that the Mets might not be able to afford Reyes.  The reasons why I think this was smart is that mega-contractslike the one Reyes recieved are killers for teams not named the Yankees, and in the current financial situation the Mets are in, you realize how unlikely it was for them to keep him.

Put the organizational problems aside, Reyes the player was not worth the contract he signed, what is Reyes’ best asset? It is his speed, but you don’t get faster as you get older…right?, yes he did win the batting title, but it was in his contract year, he is not stupid, he went all out this season, he wanted to get paid, and that he did which I do not blame him for. Also hamstring issues are not exactly a great sales pitch to an organization that is limited in resources.

Statistically, Reyes was too inconsistent for my liking, before this past season, Reyes hit the .300 mark once (.300 on the dot in 06’), always had more K’s than BB’s and was known to have his August/September slumps. Not to mention in the playoffs (yes it does feel so much longer than it really is) Reyes batted .250 with 3 Stolen Bases, so not exactly lighting it up.  

Although he was electric running the bases, was a home grown player, had a flair and personality that made him a fan favorite, when it comes down to it Reyes was not worth it for the Mets and I agree.

$100 Million contracts in my opinion should be used only for Ace Pitchers and Home Run/RBI hitting machines (Jeter is the exception to the rule). Besides Ichiro (Seattle gave Ichiro $100 Million, but not Ken Griffey Jr. Why? is beyond my comprehension.) and Carl Crawford, Reyes is the only other leadoff hitter currently over $100 Million, and both players I listed above are considered to be bad contracts in my opinion.

The thing I feel that Alderson did wrong was not trade Reyes, especially if you didn’t even offer the guy a contract in the offseason? Why even keep him?, why give your fan base a glimmer of hope thinking we could resign this guy? This makes the Mets look TERRIBLE.

I was very disappointed to see Reyes not get traded because i knew he would walk in the offseason, i mean you know you can’t afford the guy, GET SOMETHING FOR HIM, that is Sport Business 101. Also in trading him you control where he lands, now  Met fans will be tortured by this guy for at least the next 6 seasons, 18 games a year. AWESOME!

I do not understand not trading him for young talent to help the rebuilding process, this is New York, NOT OAKLAND, you can’t take your sweet time here Mr. Alderson. However, i give Alderson credit for not giving into pressure to sign Reyes to a contract that would have crippled the Mets longterm, but i absolutely bash him for the fact that he didn’t maximaze his assets when he had the chance to.


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3 Responses to No Way Jose!

  1. cassie says:

    peteyy i’m going to show this to all the dumb mets fans who are crying about reyes being gone

  2. Rosenhaus, Peter. Lock em up.

  3. Brian Myers says:

    Couldn’t have been put any better DP. I agree 100% with every word.

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