You’re on a Spaceship

Another great perspective of life from the prophet Joe Rogan.

The end of this video leads into a post I did earlier titled is Technology a Lifeform?

For most of us, there are simply too many things and worries going on in our lives to think about space. We become trapped in our own individual identities and realities on this earth that we often forget about the bigger picture.

There is no time to contemplate where the sky ends when you are spending more time at your job than with your friends and families.

We create so much stress for ourselves from everyday life on this spaceship that we don’t even realize most of the time that we are in motion, and we are HURLING through the cosmos at an incredible rate of speed.

We just don’t feel it because we have such a big spaceship compared to the size of our individual bodies.

I have seen too many people get trapped into the pre-determined patterns of behavior our society  has engraved into us. As a child, you are forced to go to school, go to college, then eventually get a job, and for many of us, that job will be working for someone else. It is almost like we are drones being programmed at a young age on how to live our lives.

We all have an instinctual desire to be led. We want to have someone show us the way, and show us how we “should” be living our lives.

The problem is there is no leader.

There is no leader of the human race.

There is no one person that has the ultimate say in the direction the entire planet will go in.

If someone was behind the controls of this spaceship, I would agree with you that we are being led.

Don’t look at the heads of our government as leaders. They create the rules we have to abide by but that doesn’t mean they know exactly what they are doing.

Just because they have the power and authority to throw you in a cage, doesn’t necessarily mean they have any idea why we are on this planet in the first place.

The whole idea behind life is absolutely insane.

We know as much as anybody who has ever lived EVER on this planet, yet we still have no answer for why we are here. The only answer we have is that we are a product of the universe.

Without the universe, we don’t exist.

The universe is infinite, and it is rapidly expanding. Who knows where it ends or if it will ever end.

We are simply going along for the ride, orbiting around a massive nuclear explosion (the sun) that gives us the ability to live as an organic species.

If you haven’t been thinking at all along these lines, you aren’t alone. No one wants to contemplate the big picture, it is too complex to understand. Instead, we just leave it alone and acknowledge that we can see some cool star patterns in the sky on a clear night.

The big picture might never be explained in mine or your lifetime, but it is still worth investigating. If you spend all your time worrying about your job and what your boss wants from you each day, there is absolutely no way you are going to enjoy your temporary existence here on this spaceship.

You are going to need to shed the barriers society places on you to really enjoy your limited time here on earth.

Knowing that there is more to life than the planet we live on is extremely humbling.

The fact that we can never stop asking questions is also very intriguing.

We are a very unique race due to our massive creative powers. We are slowly figuring out the complex mechanics behind the universe and we are getting closer and closer to figuring it out.

If we ever get there remains to be foreseen, but its been one hell of a wild ride on our ship so far.


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7 Responses to You’re on a Spaceship

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  5. jeffssong says:

    Life is the one true variable in our universe; everything else can be described by (and predicted by) mathematics, physics and such. And if I was a God, I wouldn’t want to know ‘everything’ – life would be boring like that! So I would create this element called “life” – something to give random ‘chance’ to these things (particles and whatnot) – to ‘break’ them out of their mathematical role – which is something which is truly special about it.

    Life is the one factor which can move molecules and elements ‘from here to there’ in our local plane – without mathematics involved. *Then*! it becomes less a matter of true physics – and more a question of “free will”. So if there is anything behind this “life” of ours – it’s simply to provide the ‘universe’ (or god, or whatever) – with some entertainment! LOL . . . just ‘moving’ along – and stirring some electrons, pixels, and photons with it: my choice of free will. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! What a fascinating concept to regard us as being of a spaceship. Awesome! And you pegged it; 1) there is no leader; and 2) though we are conditoned to think of political figures as such, nothing could be further from the truth. Great article!!

  7. peteydeez says:

    awesome, always great stuff on

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