My Opinion on Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, the man, the awkward throwing motion, the legend. 

I want to start this off by saying I am NOT a Tebow fanatic, however I respect what he is doing for the Denver Broncos. 

 When I think of great quarterbacks, I think Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees are working their way up my list) but the fact is not every team in the NFL has the luxury of having these Hall of Fame caliber quarterbacks.

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard that Tebow is 6-1 as a starter this season for the Broncos and has them in position for a division title and a playoff berth.

Looking at his statistics, they are not terrible, in his 7 starts, Tebow has thrown 10 touchdowns to ONE interception, but with a completion percentage of 48.5%, He also has 468 rushing yards with a 5.7 Yards per carry and 3 Touchdowns with 6 fumbles (2 were lost). 

 So overall Tebow has 13 Touchdowns to 3 Turnovers, the numbers indicate he is a game manager, very inaccurate, he doesn’t turn the ball over and does not cost his team games, yet his completion percentage is terrible which is expected from a young quarterback coming from the spread in college.

 However, you put on the game film of this kid in the 4thquarter it is unreal. As a loyal jet fan I watched my vaunted defense get “Tebowed” after the Jets defense dominated throughout the game, Tebow takes his team of Willis Mcgahee and practice squad players for 95 yards for the go ahead score, crushing my ego, but with defeat comes respect. However, what Tim Tebow is doing right now is crushing any barrier of what a quarterback SHOULD BE.

 As NFL fans we want our Quarterbacks to be dominate in the passing game and have perfect mechanics (Aaron Rodgers 2011 season, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady’s careers) but in reality, not every quarterback can be like that, but as fans the one thing we should want is our Quarterback to win and be clutch in key moments of games, as of now Tebow has done that.

Now, what I have trouble with in regards to Tebow is the fact that nobody seems to be giving credit to the Denver Defense or Willis McGahee (solid signing?). Tebow has given the NFL fans great moments this season, but Willis McGahee along with the Denver Defense have been playing flat out awesome and have been just as important to Denver’s resurgence as Tim Tebow’s play.

 Here is a debate I heard and I thought was very interesting and true, Mark Sanchez, Quarterback for the New York Jets has been under intense scrutiny about his play, now there are stats to prove that, five of his turnovers have resulted in defensive touchdowns (most in the NFL),on the other hand his 11 come from behind victories are most in the NFL over the past two years, and he has led his team in his first two years to AFC championship games (all on the road).  

 His play at times can be flat out disgusting and brutal to watch as the same can be said for Tebow, yet both of these quarterbacks find ways to win in clutch moments when their team needs them most. Sanchez also has done it in the playoffs, which remains to be seen with Tebow.

Yet with Sanchez, all I hear is that the Jets defense is stout and the defense is the reason why the Jets have been successful, which is true, I am not disputing that, but I am disputing that Sanchez has done nothing to help the Jets win down the stretch in the season and in the playoffs.

Denver’s Defense has been just as important to Tebow’s success as the Jets defense has been to Sanchez’s success in fact, in Tebow’s wins Denver’s Defense has allowed 348.6 YPG and 17.3 PPG, with 8 Turnovers and 19 sacks. So is it fair to give Tebow all this praise when in his wins, his defense is clearly doing their part, than give Sanchez no credit when he wins and his defense does their part?  We have to be consistent in our criticism with Quarterbacks, if you’re going to give credit to Tebow, you gotta give credit to Sanchez.

I’m not saying they are the best Quarterbacks in the NFL, both have a long way to go to become elite Quarterbacks, but each of their play should be criticized fairly.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion, I am enjoying this Tebow mania, it is different and something I have never seen before and this only makes the NFL better which seems almost impossible, but that is why we watch and critique.

Enjoy the NFL games, it could always be worse. You could be John Elway right now deciding whether to keep or cut Tebow at the end of the year.

 Imagine this, Denver wins division, makes playoffs, loses in first round, Denver cuts tebow, drafts a Quarterback in the first round and goes 4-12 in the 2012 campaign meanwhile, Tebow rejuvenates a dormant fan base and  thrives for his hometown team. The Jacksonville Jaguars.  Good luck John.


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  1. Congratulations on your first post Peter!

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