Materialism: Attaching Emotions to Physical Obejcts

I briefly touched on materialism in my last post What Are You Really Thankful For?

A lot of us place too much value on physical objects. They are completely meaningless and worthless in the bigger scheme of what life is really all about.

You don’t need objects to enjoy life. All you need is a well balanced mind that appreciates everyone and everything for what they are.

If you set out to spread positive energy, that energy in turn is given back to you in the form of friendships and opportunities for further growth. If you spend too much time focusing on acquiring objects and money, you miss out on chances to help yourself and others improve their lives.

You won’t have as much time to actually enjoy these objects anyways because you will always be concerned with acquiring more.

There is never any time for satisfaction and appreciation for what you already have when you keep concerning yourself with acquiring more goods.

Objects can be created and destroyed, but good healthy relationships can last a lifetime and are more meaningful that inanimate things. If you don’t have anyone to share and enjoy your physical possessions with, are they really worth anything?

The only value I place on objects is how they can help me develop myself and my mind, and how I can use them to support and encourage others in their own journey through life.


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26 Responses to Materialism: Attaching Emotions to Physical Obejcts

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  10. TheTaoOfD says:

    Joe Rogan should team up with Ron Paul and change the world.

  11. V.D. Coleman says:

    This blog blessed me….. ( blew my socks off )……I REALLY needed it about 5 years ago too!!! I have learned alot and this blog STILL expand my brain a little and gave me a brand new Epiphany…..wnich I enjoy when that happens!

    Chat soon….

  12. Yes! I love this post! So perfect for this season when the world is focused on buying things for others, and for what? Why not instead spend the shopping time on writing to someone who has touched your life? Or reach out to a total stranger? I can’t remember the last time a new lamp brought tears to my eyes. But I can remember the face of the stranger who received a new fleece jacket on a cold November morning. Tears were flowing.

    • DIESEL says:

      Yeah its a great time of year for really exposing materialism, especially in children who have been brought up the wrong way. When a child doesn’t receive a gift that he or she wanted for the holidays, they most likely will feel upset. Maybe their parents didn’t have money or maybe they didn’t deserve it. It doesn’t matter. The point is they attach an emotion to having or not having the object. The question is, will those emotions ever subside at a later point in life? It depends on how you develop yourself! 🙂

  13. Great thoughts on positive energy. It really is a tremendous gift to share with others because it is wonderfully contagious and inspires more of itself, and fulfills you in much greater ways than material possessions (the novelty of which grow stale quickly) can.

  14. ryeder says:

    Stopped by for a visit and am very impressed. I learned first had the meaning of materialistic. I grew up poor and experience a short time span of have what I wanted and found that a simpler, less materialistic life was a much better deal. My riches lay in the youth I work with and the majesty of the natural world. And thanks for stopping by….Dave

    • DIESEL says:

      It is certainly easy to appreciate material items when you know what it feels like to have nothing. I enjoy hearing stories of very successful people that come from nothing to have everything and appreciate every single second of it. Just feels a lot better than winning the lotto to build yourself to sheer abundance.

  15. DIESEL says:

    Yes, life is meant to be abundant, yet there is too much filler in society to look past to realize our true creative potential. Once we can peel away the layers of filth that society has programmed us to believe, we can enjoy every second of life for what it is and not be concerned about acquiring new objects.

    • V.D. Coleman says:

      Yeah via society Diesel….it is imperative that we dont get tainted on what (others) try to mainstream us all to be like…..Society of today has the capability of leaving horrid stains and smelly stinches!!!!!

      • DIESEL says:

        horrid stains and stinches that will no longer exist in the future. There inevitably must be a mass consciousness shift for our society to continue to exist in the future. Material items will slowly have lesser value and we will begin to value knowledge and friendship more than money.

    • hearbrazil says:

      maybe there’s a way to make both sides dance together. i don’t agree with the “eff society” mentality because as human beings, we are part of it, it is a part of us. i think the only thing to do is to work to make it better, every day, in every action and thought we make. when we do this, we will be rewarded, monetarily and spiritually. in the end, everything comes down to you. after you, there is society.

      • DIESEL says:

        yes, its basically “eff this society” then because we know as a collective whole we aren’t doing the right thing. It is those who step up for what they believe in that will truly make a difference in this world.

  16. Dava Greely says:

    Great post! Over time, I’ve learned that the core issue in determining what a person desires to manifest and how they will react to and use what is manifested is INTENTION. In my (very humble) opinion, it’s not wrong to desire to acquire wealth or to enjoy “things” – it’s what we’re here to do. We’re meant to live abundantly in bliss, but we (collectively) have thrown a monkey wrench into the grand scheme of things by focusing more on the egoic attachment to material things rather than living in the spirit of giving that which we have been blessed with and rejoicing in it!

    • DIESEL says:

      Intention is an incredibly powerful force. When you intend on something with no other belief but that intention manifesting, it will manifest in its own way. Do not focus on the way, focus on the outcome and the way will be given to you. 🙂

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