Freedom and Nirvana

Freedom is something that you have to strive for, forever. I’m not talking about the freedom that the U.S constitution protects, I mean the freedom that comes with understanding the way.

Universal Mathematics is the understanding that there is an answer to everything. Our blogs here at ZazenLife will help you realize that there are truths still to be discovered and that things believed to be truths for a very long time may turn out to be completely wrong. The passed 20 years have been so groundbreaking for science that it proved a great percentage of the information in science school books for decades wrong. As humans fall deeper into evolution and knowledge is passed down, more truths will begin to be uncovered.

With understanding comes freedom. When we completely understand something we are at peace with it. When an old man is on his death bed, he knows he is going to die. There is no escaping the great beyond. Death therefore is a universal truth. It is part of the way. Everything that is from this universe, including the universe itself, will come to an end. Finding peace in death is taking a giant step towards freedom. Freedom from all things where craving arises and takes root.

Think of all the little stupid things that you are attached to. These stupid things that actually change the way you live your life but are….stupid: cigarettes, fast food, television, gambling, etc. You have the power in you to detach yourself from all of these things. Do that. It’s a long process but when you reach the point where you feel completely detached from all the things where craving arises you will experience freedom.

“Consciousness, sense impression, feeling born of sense impression, perception, will, craving, thinking, and reflection are delightful and pleasurable: there this craving arises and takes root.”

We all crave life. We crave life because we know life is temporary. Stop craving things. It’s easier said than done. But if you are able to fade away the craving and greed within yourself, you will liberate and detach yourself from all that lock the door to freedom.

Freedom of self. Everything that is, is temporary. Including yourself. There is no self. There is no you. When body and mind dissolve, they do not exist anywhere anymore. As said in the Buddhist text the Visuddhimagga “When a lute is played upon, there is no previous store of sound; and when the music ceases it does not go anywhere in space. It came into existence on account of the structure and stem of the lute and the exertions of the performer; and as it came into existence so it passes away.”

Acceptance and understanding are major keys to happiness. Accepting things for the way they are and understanding the way, one can reach a state of freedom and nirvana within themselves, always.


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10 Responses to Freedom and Nirvana

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  2. Awesome Dude…

    A most compelling & engaging post that expresses the need for balance & the answers to all we perceive…
    As a schizophrenic, I’m constantly striving to find a balance in life…
    At the mo, my philosophy is pretty much creating in the darkness so I can walk in the light… (If that makes any sense)

    Again, awesome piece… Keep up the great work…
    Well done!!!

    • TheTaoOfD says:

      Thanks a lot fritzoskennick!! It’s cool to see that people are enjoying my posts. More will be coming!!

      I totally understand your philosophy man. It’s like the Yin-Yang. The white side has a dot of black and the black side has a dot of white. In the darkest of days, even when it seems like there isn’t, there is light. It’s life, negative’s positives and neutrality. All the way down to electrons, protons, and neutrons. Positivity can be found in any depths of darkness.

      I hope you find a constant balance dude. I can’t imagine what it is like to struggle with a neurological disorder like that. I wish you the best with everything man! Thanks for the support! I appreciate it. Check back for a lot more!!

  3. Robby Nuno says:

    Just what is the Application?

  4. TheTaoOfD says:

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Isabelle: Balance is the key to life. Buddhism constantly preaches taking the Middle Path, which makes one both see and know, which leads to peace, to discernment, to Nirvana. This “middle path” is said to eventually extinct suffering within oneself.

    @karmiceraser: I appreciate the props! Thanks you for passing us a long!

  5. karmiceraser says:

    Very cool! I have friends who I think would enjoy your site. Passing you along!

  6. Great post! One of the definate messages I constantly convey to my clients is acceptance and balance. Once these are in place, the greater flow in life is achieved and a greater sense of self is gained.

    It is really such a wonderful thing. Freedom is being able to accept and feel completely satisfied that life is a rewarding thing. Understanding things from our own point of veiw and being aware of your role in the world. This changes our entire perception, and in turn, OUR entire world.

    Keep up the lovely posts!

    Focus and freedom!
    Brightest blessings.

    • DIESEL says:

      Balance is so hard to achieve because life requires so many different things to be “clicking” for you in order to truly enjoy it. We have to worry about money, maintaining relationships and making sure not to harm anyone in the process. It has been a fun journey, and I know we will continue to improve and reach that inner balance we all are desperately searching for! 🙂

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