The Universal Organic Playing Field

In all of the universal chaos going on around us, we as human beings have the privilege of calling planet earth our home.

A giant organic spaceship that is hurling through the universe at an insane rate of speed orbiting around a huge star we call the sun.

With the infinite size of the universe, we have been randomly chosen as a planet that can sustain organic life with everything put in place for us. Day becomes night, night becomes day and around and around we spin.

Have you ever thought about how crazy that is?

How crazy is it that no other planets in our solar system and for all we know this galaxy can sustain organic life? We are in the perfect position from the sun with the perfect resources to flourish as a organic race.

If you have yet to address this issue, you aren’t alone.

I think a lot of us take for granted what we are a part of. We are a part of a giant living organism that has been around for billions of years and barring any crazy universal event will be around for billions of more years.

We as human beings like to think we are living organisms living on a planet but the real truth is we are living organisms living on an even bigger living organism. Earth is also part of an even bigger organism called the universe.

The universe is the ultimate organism and without it we wouldn’t have an opportunity to be conscious beings on one of its organic playing fields we call home.

We have complete freedom to do whatever we want on this playing field. We make the ultimate decisions as conscious individuals what direction to take our lives in and which actions to take in that direction.

The universe is designed for total creativity. We as human beings have enormous brainpower and we have used that brainpower to alter our environment in a variety of different ways. Roads, phones, computers, airplanes and countless other objects and devices created by man have been put in place to make our lives more efficient and easier.

The universe has housed this whole project. The earth has been the foundation for the universe for this inspired human creativity. I like to think we are part of some sort of system or program that we can’t really explain. I think we are a product of the universe’s programming and the laws it has set forth which exist everywhere in the known universe.

We play a certain role in its design and I think the strive towards creative innovations that we have seen in the past thousands of years are part of the programming the universe has instilled within us.

Have you ever really thought about why we keep improving and creating new ideas and physical things? What is the true motivation for all of these creations?


Well money is a product of man too so we have to think further than that and realize that we don’t truly have the answer for why we keep perpetuating our species, keep reproducing and keep advancing with new technology everyday.

The point is that no one can know, there is no possible way of knowing the true answer. Maybe we will never know the answer and maybe we have to accept the fact that we are part of a system that we can’t explain.

Maybe we aren’t supposed to know the answer and life was created to be a constant perpetual movement toward the answer with no exact endpoint or solution. As we keep expanding, the universe keeps expanding. Maybe this universe is another life form within another “universe” type mechanism.

The possibilities could go on forever and some scientists now believe there could very well be an infinite number of universes.

It still all remains speculation as to the true answer behind reality. Many people won’t go beyond the thought of the sheer complexity of our biological and psychological makeup and won’t really take many of these truly real questions into their thoughts. It is amazing how we as a culture as an entire race isn’t all asking all these questions on a serious level.

For some it is kind of a static existence for them in the back of their mind that they will never touch on. I feel that once more people are enlightened with these ideas and questions there will be more momentum and a push toward figuring out the mechanics behind our reality and universal makeup. We are in an information age and with wonders like the internet that we have created, information like this and many other valuable resources can be accessed within a few clicks of a mouse or touch keypad.

Information is going to spread like wildfire now that we have essentially narrowed the gap to the connection to infinite information to near light speed.

More and more people will be enlightened and want to learn more about what this thing is all about.

Maybe one day we will reach a universal peace with ourselves.

Maybe that is what we are evolving into but there is no true end. It might just be a continual never ending journey that gets closer and closer, but never will truly get there. If we ever got there, then what would there be?

Would life continue that way forever or would their be something else to evolve towards? We truly are players on a field not really knowing what exactly we are playing this whole life for.

We are entitled to make whatever we want of it.


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