Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Meditate

If you are unfamiliar with meditation, as many people are, you probably don’t really think much of it, and probably wouldn’t care to learn about it.

Meditation is quite possibly one of the most beneficial things someone could do to improve their lives.

The Chakras

Best of all, it is completely free to do and you can do it in any quiet area you can find whenever you desire.

Today I have compiled a list of reasons why most people dismiss meditation and in my next post, I will highlight the five reasons why every single one of us should incorporate it into our lives.

1. You Haven’t Been Educated on the Art

Meditation has such a distorted stigma attached to it that many people dismiss it immediately as something only Buddhist monks living in caves would have any interest in.

Meditation isn’t something that is mainstream in western society. We don’t hear about it on the radio, television, newspaper, or any other media outlet you get your mostly biased news from.

Our culture hasn’t implemented it into its DNA.

If you take the time to read a little about it, I am sure you will wish you had sooner.

2. You’re Lazy

Lets face it, most of our society has grown into a bunch of lazy individuals over the course of the last few decades. Our life has become so automated through technology that we don’t have to do much to make ends meet anymore.

We can sit all day on the computer and make a living if we want to. That leaves minimal time for physical activity. As a result, many of us have developed a lazy attitude towards having to physically do something.

Physical fitness plays a major part in your overall health and if you are not addressing it properly, your health will suffer. Meditation brings mental, spiritual and physical benefits as well.

3. You Don’t Want To Stretch Your Comfort Zone

A lot of us are scared to do new things. We don’t want to go outside of what we are comfortable already doing. It is great to be comfortable with your life, but being too comfortable means you will miss opportunities to grow and evolve.

It is quite difficult to take up something new. Doing new things that you aren’t accustomed to doing yields resistance from your subconscious mind that can prevent you from taking opportunities to do new things.

Your subconscious is your mental programming and it is a creature of habit. It operates with stored mental information you have fed it your whole life. It doesn’t like to change its programming when you present it with something new you aren’t comfortable doing yet.

Because of this, we like to stray away from experiencing that discomfort of resistance and choose to simply not take the opportunities presented to us.

4. It Seems Really Weird

The reason you believe meditation is a weird practice is because that is what a lot of uneducated people believe.

The amount of uneducated people in our society outweigh the educated people. We tend to incline to believe what the majority of us believe, therefore most of us are just followers of stupid people.

It is hard to stray away from what everyone else is doing and start doing things and thinking about things by yourself. Meditation can be performed in a variety of different ways and postures but the most important posture is the one you are comfortable with doing. You can even experiment with creating new postures for yourself.

Just because you see meditation experts sitting in a cross-legged position with their index finger and thumb connected and relaxed on their legs doesn’t mean that is the only way you can perform meditation. You can find your own best way, and it doesn’t have to seem weird to you anymore.

5. You Think You Don’t Have Time to Meditate

We all have busy lives and busy schedules and if you are working to support a family your time outside of work will be extremely limited.

However limited your schedule may appear to be, I am sure there is 20 minutes in your schedule where you can find some time for yourself and explore your inner being. Meditation doesn’t have to be performed hours on end.

It can be as simple as taking 10 minutes one or two times a day to relax and unwind all the stress and worries you have to deal with during the rest of your hectic day. Once you find time to practice for 20 minutes a day a few days in a row, I am sure you are going to try to create time for yourself to go deeper.

Once you experience the benefits first-hand, you will begin to realize how much you can really enjoy some relaxation and reflection each and every day.

I hope after reading this you are interested in finding out more and most importantly more the benefits it can bring to every single aspect of your life. If you don’t, I really feel sorry for you, you are missing out on developing your mind, body, and soul into one giant superpower that has no fear or worries about life.

We dwell too much on how much we don’t like our lives, but the fact is, that is just a limiting belief that can be completely eliminated forever through a meditative practice. How good would it feel to be completely comfortable and relaxed in every situation life may throw at you?

How could you not want to explore this possibility?

Separate yourself from the majority of people who don’t have a clue about life and join our small little but highly educated minority of people that are truly completely comfortable and secure about their entire life.


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37 Responses to Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Meditate

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  14. nyrdubs says:

    Still one of my favorite articles my dude because it speaks the TRUTH.

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  16. bekah says:

    Love it, so frank and honest, and true! 🙂 Also I think alot of people don’t think they ‘need’ it – they feel ‘fine’ and have no idea the benefit it can make to your emotional state/state of mind. I took a meditation course last year and was quite shaken by it (in a good way ultimately), and also amazed at learning about the actual physical activity in your brain during meditation – one thing that stood out was that it basically does exactly the opposite for you to what your brain does when you are in a state of stress – releases anti-stress chemicals/triggers, activates different parts of the brain etc – with all the associated benefits to physical and mental health and sharpness. It ain’t just airy-fairy theory, it’s science yo!
    Oh and thanks for visiting my site, I love this blogging stuff – in just a couple short weeks lately i’ve found so many interesting, inspiring people and perspectives through the community here!

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  29. In meditation we move beyond our beliefs. The more we practice meditation the more we learn.
    Great post. Thanks. 🙂

  30. V.D. Coleman says:

    Very Interesting for real…

  31. Cave Story says:

    Well, looking at today’s advances, we would have thought the teachers have taught the kids to look beyond the superficial…or…the kids (now grown up) should be smart enough to see beyond the surface and look at the content or contexts. But no. At least the way they discriminate others are entertainment for some of us.

    Meditation is actually very important. According to certain religious culture, it is a time-tested method to achieve “Stillness”. And “Stillness” is the required factor to lead to “Wisdom”. “Wisdom” is needed when you do charity, otherwise, you will want to donate to everything with everything…which may not be appropriate to the receiver and to your current life situation. “Wisdom” is also needed to find the best solution for work, life, social or environmental issues. Without “Wisdom”, you might be wasting more time and resources in a trial and error approach.

    If you ask me to define “Wisdom” here, I think it is a mental state where you can draw upon your knowledge or infer on situation with a sustained clarity of mind. And this mind is in an energetic state ready to work things out even though it is still affected by a “Stillness” mode.

    Anyway, in modern words, I see meditation as a form of “intellectual brain fermentation technique” 🙂

    • DIESEL says:

      Absolutely, it is something that I use as an evolutionary tool for my brain. It has developed it so much and I have been able to rewire my subconscious mind to remove all the junk programming that was fed to me as a young child. Such a refreshing experience to go through! 🙂

  32. DIESEL says:

    Exactly, the mind gives you resistance and you fall slave to it and return to square one all over again. Maybe you try again, get a little bit further, but still fall slave again. Most of the time, making a positive change in your life is extremely difficult because when 90% of your brainpower is programmed to function in negatively, the 10% of conscious effort cant overcome it. Once you tap into that 90% during meditation sessions, you can clear out all the clutter and excess baggage you no longer require in your programming and begin to use your mind to your advantage. Its just so much easier to give up and fall victim to your conditioned negative operating system.

  33. Here’s a bonus reason from my own experience:

    6. You haven’t spent enough time to build a new habit of meditation. It takes at least 21 days of a repeated effort to build the new neural pathways that get you in the habit of doing something new, and it can take less than a week to fall back to your old ways.

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