Is Technology A Lifeform?

Technology has been evolving at an astounding exponential rate over the last 10 years, yet no one has really taken a step back to look at how we as humans have really had no evolutionary change.

If you take cellphones from 10 years ago and compare them to the iPhones and different 4G devices we have today there is simply no comparison in functionality.

When we look at humans 10 years ago compared to today, there is no structural change whatsoever. Some of us have gotten older and wiser but our genetic structures are basically identical.

The questions I pose today is, is technology a form of life that has stemmed from our creative thirst for innovation?

Is it a life form all itself that needs us to survive as much as we rely on it for our survival?

Are we technically a host for life?

Technology wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the creative brainpower of human beings and many of our day to day functions that have become normal for us wouldn’t exist without technology. It kind of goes hand in hand. We need it as much as it needs us.

It’s a weird way of looking at it but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it a little bit. Maybe technology and humans are both moving forward to some point where they both blend together into one. This theory is known as “singularity” and it has been theorized and popularized by theorist and futurist Ray Kurzweil.

What Kurzweil proposes is basically an intellectual event horizon where an “intelligence explosion” occurs that in theory would create a convergence between human and artificial intelligence.

Maybe that is what our next step in evolution really is. Maybe we have become so intelligent that the next form of intelligent life is created by us in the form of “artificial” intelligence. Maybe this intelligence will become so powerful to the point where we can download consciousness into machines and theoretically live forever.

These machines would be infused with creative human powers but with a mechanical body that never ages and would be immune to any diseases us humans are prone too. This machine would experience no stress, no negative emotions and no fear that some of us put up with in our daily lives.

Survival of the fittest is what it is about. These machines would outfit their fleshy human counterparts and eventually humans as we know it would be wiped out. Perhaps that is our purpose as humans. Our thirst for pushing technology further and further might be the reason we exist. Technology never moves backwards. It is constantly getting better, stronger, quicker and more efficient while we as humans are limited to our physical and genetic boundaries. With technology there exists no boundaries.

There are no boundaries because our minds have no boundaries for creation of technology. We are blessed with the ability to creatively express ourselves and creatively design and implement our ideas into machines to do these things automatically as fast as light.

Once created, we use these machines to our advantage, and our offspring will use them to their advantage as well. It will keep improving and improving and improving to the point where maybe we can even crack time. Think about all the things you rely on technology for. I could not even be delivering this blog to you without technology.

As a write this on my portable laptop computer with the TV on in the background and my headphones blaring music into my ears I begin to realize how much of mine and your life is dependent on technology.

Without technological innovations, we would be stuck hunting and gathering. But we have come a long way from that. We have come to the point where we can research the idea of hunting and gathering from a little glass screen in the palm of my hand that is connected to the internet, a web of knowledge that never ends.

We have created so many great technological devices and proponents, but I think we have simply scratched the surface of our technological potential.

As you see throughout history how technology keeps improving our lives and almost everything we do on a day to day basis is controlled by technology we begin to wonder where this will eventually take us. It has basically taken over our lives much like a parasite takes over the life of its host. Maybe we are the hosts for a new life form.

That life form being technology.

Maybe technology is feeding off our creativity to the point where it takes over our consciousness and our species. Now this shouldn’t be a scary thing, it is a little different than a science fiction movie where machines take over the world in a hostile war.

I think its a little deeper and more comfortable of a proposition. We are only temporary beings on this planet and we know that.

Everyone lives and dies, that can’t be changed. But what if technology could eventually lead to our own consciousnesses living forever?

What if I could download my whole brain along with my consciousness into a machine of my liking? What if those machines went on to create an even more advanced form of technology, downloaded that consciousness onto the new form and so on and so on.

Humans would seize to exist at that point. They wouldn’t even be a thought much like less advanced lifeforms are to us. They wouldn’t be fit to exist anymore and would die off. Then new technology comes, gets old and dies off. Similar to the way your brick cellphone gave way to Blackberries and iPhones. Maybe humans will eventually evolve into something else similar to the way we came from primates.

That is certainly possible too but the way technology is evolving there has to come a point where it all just comes together as one giant living thing. The singularity principle is not as crazy as it seems and could certainly be plausible.

This theory might be scary for many people to take in, and it is certainly a lot to consider, but there is so much innovation going on in the technological world that we simply don’t know where it is going to take us.

If you took a person from the middle ages and sat him down in front of a surround sound high definition television to watch an animated film with today’s technology he would probably freak out and not be able to understand it.

That would be the same if you were taken 500 years into the future and sat down in front of their technology. The principle here is we don’t know. No one knows. No one knows wheres this is leading and where this will end. We can speculate all we want but we just have to wait and see. Its going to be one hell of an innovative ride.


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