Why Does a Species Keep Perpetuating?

Have you ever thought about why a species wants to keep moving forward? Why do we keep having babies? Why do animals constantly reproduce? There has to be a reasoning behind reproduction and the continual growth of an entire species. Survival of the fittest, why do we keep adapting and moving forward? Why do the weaker forms of life eventually seize to exist while the stronger keep getting stronger and evolve to even stronger forms of beings?

I think we are part of something even bigger that we cant yet comprehend. We have this biological instinct to keep reproducing and creating more and more life yet no one really has the true answer to why we do so. For millions of years this planet has housed life that has continually adapted and evolved to ever changing surroundings and conditions. As human beings we are the only species on this planet that can contemplate and question the reasoning behind this reality.

If you look at any other species and organic life form on this giant organic spaceship we call home, everything seems to simply exist effortlessly. Trees grow and die without any effort. Grass grows and dies without any effort whatsoever. Our brainpower as humans has given us the perception that life at times is difficult. That is only if you believe it to be so. We too simply just exist with no true explanation. We are temporary fleshy beings along with everything else that lives on this planet. We live and then we die, that is something we cant change.

Every living form lives out its life, and then it dies. There is no species that can live forever, yet we have the ability to reproduce and continually advance our own species. We evolve and adapt to our surroundings at a slow pace and over millions of years we expand and evolve into something different and more advanced. In the larger scheme of things, there has to be a reasoning behind this. As a majority, we all just kind of go with the flow, accept that we should be creating more and more life and really have no answer for why we do so.

Technology keeps improving, it doesn’t take steps backwards. We continually advance technology to make our lives more simpler and efficient yet once again we have no answer for this continual advancement. The bigger picture might be more than we can ever comprehend even with our extremely advanced brainpower and perception of reality. We are really the only species on this planet that can even conceive the idea of infinity and an infinite universe. A bird couldn’t explain to you the vastness of the universe, yet scientists have created telescopes that can see the light from the big bang still expanding into an ever expanding universe.

As a majority, we like to feed our egos with the belief that we are something special while in fact we are really nothing compared to the universe. We exist on what seems like a giant planet but in reality our planet is a speck of a speck of a speck of an even smaller speck of the bigger picture. If you launched yourself even one light year away from this earth you wouldn’t even be able to see the earth enough to even care what is going on here. Stars that we can see from this gravity bounded planet exist billions and billions of light years away yet we don’t give enough respect to the bigger picture that they all exist in.

We go about our lives on a day to day basis, pay our bills pay our dues to society and try to make it in this material world but at the end of the day it really means NOTHING. If you are not gradually trying to expand your consciousness you are making a mistake. If you get caught up in materiality, get caught up in money and all these material goods we perceive to be the ultimate goal in life you are not living the life of a conscious being. How much value does a $100 bill have on the moon? How much is it worth when you leave our galaxy? There are an infinite number of galaxies that exist within this universe and to the rest of the universe our material goods that we treasure and strive for in society simply mean absolutely NOTHING anywhere else.

As a majority we are at such an adolescent stage of consciousness and I feel we are slowly growing as a species towards realizing the true value of our temporary lives. It is a sad reality that our societies today are valued at what you possess in your material world. What I think is of utmost importance is knowledge. Knowledge that we are part of something bigger that we can’t yet comprehend. Maybe we are evolving slowly into comprehending the true reality of life. The true reality that we are all in this thing together. There is no need for conflict, no need for war, no need for money and no need for social control. Once we as a species can evolve into realizing that materiality is just a fabrication of our own minds, maybe we can begin to evolve into a species that appreciates each other for who we truly are.

At the core of everything, it is all love. Love feels good. Love is the truth. We should all love each other, learn from each other and help each other as we try to find true happiness. True happiness has no dollar sign in front of it. It doesn’t have the biggest TV or the biggest bank account. All we should be striving for is true bliss. True bliss can only be achieved once we put aside all the preconceived notions of what we all should be striving for. We should all strive to raise our conscious awareness, enjoy each others company and continue to expand our knowledge base about what this huge universal picture is all about.

Ever wonder how big the universe really is? Here is what we have discovered so far: The Universe as We Know it. Hopefully after watching this video, you too can begin to realize that we exist in something way bigger that we can comprehend. Enjoy the journey of life, that is all conscious living is about.


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  8. miromero says:

    Perhaps, one of (possibly) many reasons why biology is designed that way is because if all species were to go extinct, there’d be no one left to ponder about anything anymore… In that sense, considering that there are currently many living species in our planet, pondering and questioning about anything and everything simply adds some more spice to our lives? 😉

  9. miromero says:

    To answer the title/question: I guess it’s because its due to instinct?

    • DIESEL says:

      Yes of course, my ultimate question is however why we have that instinct? Why is biology designed that way and what it is all leading towards? It is fun to ponder these questions as they help give you perspective in this crazy world we live in! 🙂

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