Silencing Your Ego

Ego, defined as the conceptual identity we place on ourselves has driven many individuals to adapt thinking patterns and personal beliefs that mask the true essence of reality.

As a human being we are blessed with the capability of a near infinite mind, yet our race as a majority has used the creative power of the mind to create false ego driven perceptions of reality for themselves.

Ego is certainly the driving power of life, there is no questioning that.

Without an ego we wouldn’t have any motivation for living a life. The problem arises when naive human beings create patterns of thinking that are full of negative intentions for the greater good of mankind. Egotistical individuals tend to crave power, and to get that power they will take any means necessary.

If you look at the world objectively its actually quite bizarre to notice how so many people fall victim to negative social conditioning and predetermined patterns of behavior. Governments, special interest groups, parents and social groups all condition us to believe a certain way right from birth.

We really have no control over the way we are brought up and it just feels the right way because were conditioned to believe its the right way. But what is the right way? If we never ask this question, we will never change our patterns of implanted beliefs and thinking.

Our minds tend to work in incredibly bizarre ways. As human beings we have established ourselves as the “master race” of this planet. We are the only species on this planet that can fathom the infinite nature of this universe.

The universe technically has NO boundaries.

Take a look up in the sky and notice that there are NO CEILINGS, it simply goes on FOREVER.

We tend to look at ourselves as bounded to this planet due to the fact that gravity is a law we cannot overcome.

There is no gravity in the human mind.

Our minds are our infinite connection to this universe. We can think however we want to think, we have the conscious choice to do so. There is no ground or ceiling for creativity, it has the trait of being infinite in nature. Creativity has led to everything in our existence.

If you look around, everything is the product of thought.

Every house, car, road, business and human being perceiving these material items are all the product of our thoughts. Before anything become a physical “reality” it first has to exist within the mind.

The mind is the driving force behind physical creation and it has limitless powers. The fact that many people feel bounded to their current reality whether good or bad is dumfounding. We have the power to create any kind of reality we want.

We can give ourselves the lives we want, with absolutely no limits. Time is the only constraint in our physical reality, many thoughts take time to produce into physical creations.

It would be an ideal situation if everyone understood the concept of the infinite mind power that we all possess. The fact is, the most powerful people in the world understand this concept and use it against other people for their own benefit.

Money is an object that has created a power driven egotistical mind for many of us humans. Like it or not, money is something we now need to survive on this planet. Without it, we cant survive, there will be no changing that.

Money creates more money if used properly and the people who have the most of it, keep adding more and more every second. It might not seem fair, and in a perfect world it isn’t. Its fair to say money will be going nowhere as long as we are still a race in this temporary life on this planet. We are the only life form on this planet that needs it to survive.

Every other life form simply exists to exist. Have we used our minds for the wrong thing? Have we created a false reality as a majority and are we now stuck in this power driven reality for every? Not if you don’t believe it.

Our minds give us the ability to have a belief. A belief is an ideology attached to everything in our physical reality. We feel certain ways towards certain things, certain people and certain ideas. Our beliefs are the core of our existence, whatever we believe  in our minds we perceive to be our reality. Whatever you believe, you get in life. If you believe you will be successful, you will be successful, there is no other option.

If you don’t believe anything else, how could anything else happen? If you never stop believing in something it will eventually manifest physically into your reality.


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19 Responses to Silencing Your Ego

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  2. Thank you for this post and all you’ve offered in the quantum like. I first came to know of Zazenlife through your support of my blog and immediately reciprocated. Now you’ve been become part of my spirit feeding ritual and I am so excited and grateful for it. Thanks so much and keep it comin!

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  6. Alan says:

    Great little write up. I would also like to add hat, in my opinion beliefs can restrict us or add boundaries. If you hold certain beliefs, everything that is presented to you is first filtered through that belief system and a decision is made based on your perception, swayed by that belief. Sometimes it can be a worthy exercise to strip yourself of beliefs or even challenge and change your own beliefs. This way we can all expand and limit the boundaries placed on us by narrow belief systems.

  7. M Noivad says:

    Having meaning or purpose is greatly emphasized in humans. We don’t need meaning or purpose to live, but it helps to have something to aim for. We strive for order and understanding, and it helps to have a frame of reference. This is perverted when people attach measures based on currency to judge the success or failure of an individual.

    Resources are infinite in a sense, so gathering the most you can is pointless if all you really want is to feel better about yourself. Simple gather what you need, and focus on doing things that make you happy and satisfied with yourself.

    Sounds simple, but thanks to the abstractions in all human society many people cannot see this.

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  9. Great post. In particularly I agree with your observation that “every other life form simply exists to exist”. To me, the challenge to our humaneness is the overstimulation of our mind by external influeces (Capitalism leading the way in this regard) which convince us that we have to “be productive” to “be useful”. Most beings simply.. are. They just exist. Our natural state is to just be.. but our culture conditions us to think and operate otherwise. Again. GREAT article. I got alot out of it (Dave)

    • Thanks! Our culture has been programmed to be 24/7 consumers and that leaves little time for reflection of our greater purpose. Removing our ego can allow for more introspection and evaluation of our own being.

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  16. Bubby says:

    Kudos! What a neat way of thkining about it.

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