Cultural Conditioning Through Propaganda

In today’s world, the whole human race is controlled by culture.

If you don’t believe so, culture has conditioned you to not believe so.

Sound weird?

Well it really isn’t if you start to think about how many things in your mind have been programmed into you.

Since birth you have been subject to programming. Programming from your parents, programming from society as a whole and programming from the media which for the most part is mainstreamed by our own government.

We are given a set pre-determined way of going about our lives that at a young age we have no control over. We have no control over the programming we receive at a young age because we are so naive to idea of being “programmed” at a young age.

Young individuals don’t have a clue about societies inner workings. We do what we are told, and if we don’t do what we are told, we get punished until we accept the fact that we have to do what we are told or face harsh consequences.

Being raised as a person in today’s society can be very overwhelming for some. Our parents instill certain cultural values within us since the day we are born.

Whatever they have been programmed to believe, they in turn program us as children to believe. But what if that programming is flawed?

What if it has been flawed for a long time and is now almost impossible to change at a large scale?

We have to accept what our society has become at many levels.

We have to accept the fact that we are being controlled by something way beyond our own control. Our government has programmed us to be in their control. That control is achieved through propaganda.

It is the easiest, most effective way for them to control our thoughts and beliefs. Does it sound a little out there that our thoughts and beliefs are being controlled? Does it sound crazy that this practice in essence is a form of mind control?

Throughout history, these practices have been put in place to infect and control the mass population of giant civilizations and cultures. It a way it is completely necessary, and in other ways, it can be completely abused and raise many interesting questions concerning what is really going on behind closed doors.

Propaganda is defined as a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself.

Benefit oneself?

That means the ultimate goal of propaganda is to benefit the government that uses it upon its participants. As nice as it may seem that propaganda can be used to encourage children to go to school and to stay out of a life of crime it can be used equally to make a country believe that a war with a another country is a just cause. War is simply a tool used by countries to generate a profit in tough economic times.

We are led to believe that war is a just cause and a necessary means toward forwarding our own interests. But what our interests? Are we interested in sending people like me and you overseas in a war we have no idea why were in for the opportunity to make a profit somehow?

Isn’t kind of strange that former vice-president Dick Cheney was the head of Halliburton that made a TON of cash off of the war that was in effect while he was the sitting vice-president of the United States? It is sad to admit but almost everything put forth in society is rooted at the core of money and the opportunity to make more of it through whatever means necessary.

If those means are sending machines and humans beings overseas to fuck people up just to generate some more positive cash flow then maybe we have turned into an adolescent society that bases its beliefs and actions on the collection of a material item.

Pure materialism at its finest and it has been implanted into our minds.

We have been subject to propaganda for a long time.

Since the early workings of our modern day society we have been subject to psychological war propaganda to make us believe that war is a just cause and we have used it to recruit many young adolescents into the military through mainstream media funded and controlled by our own government.

The government has complete control over what the media broadcasts and all mainstream advertising can be directed towards making a nation as a whole believe a certain way about an issue like war.

It isn’t just war that we should be concerned about.

We should be concerned about why many laws are put forth in the first place. Why have we created artificial borders between countries?

Why is our human race essentially restricted by boundaries that don’t really physically exist? If you were to look at earth objectively as a alien species visiting from planet ZooFan would you see any boundaries from the windows of your cool little spaceship?

You would only see one gigantic living organism and if you had a nice telescope you could see us little advanced chimps monkeying around almost like we are trapped in a movie scene that we don’t have any clue what were doing in.

Aren’t we really all floating together on this giant rock hurling through space? Aren’t we all part of the same living organism? Why do we feel the need to treat people unequally?

Why do we feel the need to have wars that make no sense to generate a profit so maybe we could eventually get out of massive debt? Why do certain people get to dictate the rules of this thing?

Who’s guiding this thing anyway? Does anyone truly know for a fact who’s piloting this spaceship? To say that propaganda isn’t a harmful means to a race as a whole would be equal to saying your guiding this whole thing.

We shouldn’t have to be subject to pre-determined patterns of behavior that we have no control over. We never even have a choice once we are programmed unless we somehow come to a realization about what this whole life thing is really about.

Propaganda is being used for all the wrong reasons and the results are all around us if we take a look beyond our conditioned negative programming.  We have been given the idea that we are being protected in some way but no one is really protected from anything.

No one is protected to the mere workings and chaos of the universe itself.

The universe has the final say in everything no matter what. It has given us the opportunity to play on this rock in space and experience a conscious awareness in a bodily form. Propaganda has been used as a form to take us away from that trend of thought.

Not until recently have many of us opened our eyes a little bit and taken a look at the bigger picture. We have been programmed to enjoy our little micro worlds and not think about what we are really all a part of.

Maybe that is our role in this universe for a little while. Maybe this is what we need as a race as a whole to evolve into a more conscious species of beings.

We need a phase of all the bullshit and lies and propaganda to learn from our mistakes and to not hopefully repeat history as we sadly have done too many times before. We are certainly going towards something with these conditioned patterns of behavior and thinking and we have to contribute to the system to survive.

We have to obey all laws set forth and donate a portion of our incomes into the massive governmental economic system.

The system needs us as much as we need them to survive. I like to believe that the system will blend into a single unit at some point in time.

A single unit free of all the nonsense that we have created for ourselves and a unit free of all the hardships we have imposed on ourselves and other people. The movement has begun as we all begin to consciously raise our awareness about these things.

Hopefully we can all learn that the system is not so fine and dandy as it may seem. Hopefully we can take with us the idea that we are part of something so incredibly monumental that we need to start working together more to figure it out and enjoy it free of all control and programming from negative sources. Don’t let culture program you the wrong way.


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25 Responses to Cultural Conditioning Through Propaganda

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  16. Jeannie says:

    Wonderful exlpanitaon of facts available here.

  17. Xandy says:

    Very valid, pithy, scuccint, and on point. WD.

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  21. Argus says:

    I call it ‘conditioning since birth’ but it’s the same thing, propaganda. People need to be given the tools with which to think for themselves—and the motivation to make the effort. There’s the toughie …

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