What Happens Next?

The earth has been around for a few billion years, the universe even longer.

We know as much as anyone who has ever lived knows, yet we still don’t have an answer to what happens after we die.

Death is inevitable.

It is part of the cycle of life.

We are all temporary beings in a temporary state of existence. Everything that has ever lived, has died. There is no one life form that can live for ever, at least on this planet.

We like to think of ourselves as smart and intelligent beings, and we certainly are but the question still remains, what happens next?

If we knew what happened next, I don’t think life would be nearly the same.

If you could predict the future, what is the point of living knowing exactly what is going to happen? It is the journey of life that is the fun part if you let it be enjoyable.

I don’t think we would enjoy life nearly as much if we knew what was going to happen next after we die.

I think that keeps things in order.

I think that is necessary for us to live out our lives to our fullest potential and keep growing as a species. If there was an answer, I think we would have already found out.

It is being kept from us for a certain reason. I believe our life does have meaning and purpose for the next stage, dimension, realm, or whatever you may have it.

I believe living a positive life will lead to a positive afterlife. To say what that afterlife is would be hard considering we don’t know but knowing that everything is connected within this physical universe, I am inclined to believe there is a connection between this life and whatever happens next.

Not one person can say with certainty that they know what will happen. We all have certain beliefs about this subject, some stemming from religion and some stemming from our own beliefs built from other beliefs. The idea of god that religion portrays is different for each religion. No one religion can say they have the answer. Religion can be a good guidance for some people but it should not be taken too seriously.

The fact is there are hundreds of different religions and ideologies yet not one is the definite answer. We have the choice to believe what we want to believe and for some people, finding guidance in religion can be comforting. There is some universal “god” as you may have it but I believe it exists in everything. At the core of everything is the source. The source of all creation within this universe.

The universe in infinitely vast and keeps expanding at an astounding rate. We are all part of that gigantic system in some way. As small as we may appear to be compared to the entire universe as a whole, we still play a role. Everything plays a role. Everything is intertwined in some way, in some ways unexplainable, but its all still a player in this universal playing field.

This life may be just the first step in a series of other systems that we are thrown into after we live our lives. But is there a “I” or identity in other realms?

The idea that we have a physical vessel to guide us through this life gives us the chance to develop ego. For many people this can lead them down a very bad road. A road full of egotistical nonsense that builds off of negative energy and the strive for power. Our ego gives us a chance to attach an “I” identity to life. I don’t think there is a personal identity in the next phase. I think it is more than that. Explainable? Maybe not to the human mind.

Maybe not to the five senses our brain can interpret and understand. I think all “identities” that we have created for ourselves will be completely meaningless in the next phase of the system.

The identities we have created here still are important. It is still important to treat other people the way you want to be treated and to love one another unconditionally. It is important to steer away from conflict and be happy in life.

It is impossible to enjoy this phase of the system without doing that. We need each other. We need each other to survive, reproduce, and keep perpetuating this system. That can only be achieved through working with each other. We need to work with each other to raise our conscious awareness. We need to be more aware of what our role is here.

As a collective race I think we are heading towards that but we have barely cracked the surface. As a collective whole, not all of us are in tune with that frequency. There is too much nonsense that goes on in this world that we just choose to accept, and to a point it is hard to really do anything to change that as an individual. I do think however we are getting closer to an age of enlightenment.

More and more people are raising their awareness and doing the right thing. As more and more people fall into the ranks with this, we can evolve into an even better species.

The time frame for this will certainly be more than our lifetime but each contribution we make as individuals here will make a difference to the collective whole.

Were all in this together, and we all can work with each other to better our lives here in this physical realm and maybe have an impact towards the next phase. Keep doing the right thing and it will happen.


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  5. TheTaoOfD says:

    I think that enlightenment of the masses will eventually be caused by the evolution of a global consciousness shift. It’s in the works as we speak and has been for years.

  6. Argus says:

    This morning I went into town and curled up with a coffee at Mac’s. In the course of one coffee I wrote my next two blog posts into a wee notebook; after which I re-met The Spouse, did our shopping, came home, had dinner and now I’ve just read the above for the first time. Think parallels and similarities, perhaps that Age of Enlightenment is even closer than we think?

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