Expanding Your Comfort Zone

We can all universally attest to having a comfort zone. A zone where we are comfortable with our surroundings, comfortable with our situation in life, comfortable with the relationships we have, comfortable with our knowledge and comfortable with our level of thinking. For some, it can be impossible to stretch this zone beyond our own perceived level of comfort. It can be easy to get trapped in your current reality not thinking or acting toward growing as a conscious individual. I think we all want life to be easy, simple, and worry-free. We all have areas of our lives that need improvement but we don’t want to address them because it seems to hard. A lot of us have trouble stretching this zone because it takes some work. It takes some work to develop your mind most importantly. It takes work to consciously realize the deeper aspects of life and consciousness.

Life is a massive mystery and it has been for the millions of years of our human race. No one has figured it out. No one has figured out the true answers to life and creation. Not a single one of the billions of humans that have lived on earth can say they have completely figured this whole thing out. We have taken giant steps towards the universal answers but yet to have truly cracked reality and its operating system. As a while, we have become too comfortable with our micro-worlds. We have created this false sense of security by wanting a simple and easy life but in that life, there is no room for growth. Without growth, we stay stagnant as a race and don’t evolve our consciousness.

It is easy to get stuck in your micro world. It can be easy to fall victim to propaganda and pre-determined patterns of behavior that don’t give you a chance to fully explore your consciousness, a gift we all possess. Society has programmed us to think,believe and act in certain ways. Breaking away from that is hard to do because it is so engraved in our veins it feels uncomfortable to stray from and we want to consciously resist it. It is normal to resist expanding your mind because it isn’t necessarily easy. It takes a lot of work to change your thought patterns after years of programmed nonsense through media, society and governmental propaganda.

There is more to life than just concerning ourselves with meaningless clutter. It is easy to watch television and just absorb and believe everything you see and hear. It is easy to sit back and have someone else think for you. Once you take the conscious step to break that streak and think for yourself, you can truly experience the essence and wonderful aspect of life as a conscious being. A conscious being contemplates everything. They think everything through logically and just don’t accept something because someone else said it. They want to get smarter, gain more useful knowledge and expand their level of thinking to a more universal level.

The universal level of thinking stems from an understanding that we are all one. One giant super-consciousness living in different physical bodies with individual consciousnesses in our own micro-worlds. We have all created something different for ourselves. That is something that we are given the opportunity to do. We are given the ability to consciously create whatever we want. When we are able to realize that and tune into that frequency, it becomes easier to expand upon individual micro worlds. It becomes possible to break the pattern of conditioned beliefs and actions. It becomes easier to see how bad we have screwed up.

We have screwed up big time. If you don’t think so, you haven’t left your micro-world to realize what is happening in this world right at this very moment. Countries are at war with each other, people are starving in disease ridden environments and most of us are concerned more about which celebrity looks better on the red carpet. As a whole, I think we are addressing all the wrong issues. We are addressing things that aren’t really important in the big picture because they are easy to discuss and absorb. We don’t want to think about the scary stuff in life, we don’t want to think about the evils going on right before our very eyes. The problem is, if we don’t start addressing this situation more and more, we might never get out of this fiasco we have created for ourselves.

We have this great thirst for innovation and developing technology but none of these innovations address the real issues in the world. It is nice to have the internet, cellphones and social networking but why haven’t we created technology that would enable everyone in our race to have food and shelter? Why haven’t we built something that locates people who are hungry and finds them food? Why have we built machines that kill people instead? It would be just as easy to build a machine that goes around feeding masses of starving people as it is to build machines that go into other countries in times of war to fuck people up.

It is easy to enjoy your micro-world and not address these issues. If you are reading this, you probably aren’t searching for your next meal or where to escape the cold weather tonight. I still find it amazing that we have launched ourselves to the moon but we haven’t launched a big enough cause to addressing such simple basic issues of human needs to sustain life. We have separated our race through culture. We have built “boundaries” between different areas on this planet and labeled them countries with different values and ideals whether good or bad. We still all share the same planet. We still all need the same things to survive on it. Who decided that some should be stripped of these values? At what point down the line of history did we veer off in the wrong direction and create societal hierarchies and become obsessed with power?

It is power that has caused everything to go haywire. The feeling of power is something that can make certain people go to great lengths to achieve it. Those in power dictate rules. They dictate how you and me have to act and if we break those rules we get punished. They created a monetary system to dictate who gets more power and influence. We have created a material object to dictate who gets the final say at the end of the day. Step outside your micro-world and begin to think about this a little bit.

Step outside and take a look up into the sky. Don’t feel trapped in your micro-world because that is just another false illusion. The sky doesn’t end. The universe is infinite. We all share the same position in infinity. The fact that we can’t all enjoy it equally and happily should bother you. It simply isn’t the right way to go about things and if you don’t believe so, you have been conditioned by the people who want you to think that way. Life isn’t a struggle for power unless you want it to be. Avoid getting caught in the trap that life is a constant struggle for acquiring material objects such as money. The fact is, we now need money to survive and without it, we go hungry and die. It is a giant mess we have made and we have to deal with it. Maybe one day we will all step outside our own little worlds to come together and work towards a universal peace as we all share the same little organic planet.


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